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22 07 2010

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How to Manage Development Teams with Cal Evans originally aired on June 27, 2010.

After a new Week In Review that takes you inside AT&T’s earnings and to the Twins new ballpark in Minnesota, we will air an encore presentation of our interview with Cal.  Find out how small companies deal with managing developers, telecommuting, Open Teams and other direction to help you get your developers happy and productive.

Be sure to tune in to 1100 KFNX at Sunday 6pm EDT | 3pm MST (click on the logo at the top right of the page).

We’ll post links from the Week in Review and the entire edited show early next week.  Until then, have a great weekend and sign up to spend a ‘Month at the Museum’ if you have the time…30 days time.


December 28 – Cynthia Leonard – Web Accessibility

27 12 2008

Many companies have websites, but not all of them adhere to common accessibility standards. Cindy joins Tom on the last TechTalk show of 2008 to discuss what should be one of your business’ 2009 resolutions. I know, we told you already.

Tough economic times etc etc. This is not what one can consider an “optional” expense no matter the forecast. Every person that cannot access your site because it does not meet accessibility standards is a potential customer you are discriminating against.

So. Do the right thing – find out if your business’ website is ADA compliant. If so, great. IF not, FIX IT!!

We will not post the Week In Review on Monday – It is a best of our stadium tech coverage. Enjoy and have a happy new year.

The first show of 2009 for TechTalk is a compilation of professionals in and around the New York City government technology scene. Tom was able to get some live interviews at NYC’s GovTech at the Brooklyn Marriott not too long ago. Tom speaks with one of the event’s organziers, a vendor and a 2008 Award Winner ….we’ll post details next week.

Tune in next Sunday, January 4th at 3 pm MST/5 pm EST to 1100 KFNX in Phoenix or stream the show on your computer from KFNX’s website for our NYC GovTech.

LINK of THE WEEK: The WebUrbanist … GREAT STUFF!!! Just go. Any explanation I could string together would not do it justice.

November 30 – Airing at 1 PM EST/11 AM MST TODAY

1 12 2008

TechTalk aired a little later than usual last night due to a basketball game on 1100 KFNX. For those of you that did not catch it, it is going to air at 1 PM EST / 11 AM MST today. Tune in around Phoenix or dial us in on your browser.

Raju Vegesna of Zoho will join Tom to discuss the movement of productivity applications like word processors and spreadsheets are moving from the desktop to the browser. Along with the standard apps, you can also manage HR, Projects, invoices, wikis, your centralized share and, and …an ever growing number of applications. Just look at the menu to choose from at Zoho’s site.

Nov 30 Week In Review

As always, email with suggestions for topics, guests or general information about the show.

Week In Review – November 23, 2008

24 11 2008

Starting with this week’s Week In Review, the stories covered in that portion of our program will come to you as a new post. Up until now, Week In Review stories were posted as an [UPDATE] to the post with the show’s details, like here. Enjoy

On last night’s show with Michael Clark discussing Software & Services.

Nov 23 WIR:

November 2, 2008 – Brian Deagan – Saving Email from Commoditization

31 10 2008

With everyone’s inbox filled to the brim, Brian Deagan explains what you can do to keep email from becoming a commodity.

We’ll have another Stadium Tech story and let you know what happened in technology last week in the Week In Review. Check back on Monday for the links to the stories.

With the holidays approaching, the TechTalk staff have been very busy tracking down and trying out the latest goodies to try out. Be sure to listen for our upcoming Product Reviews during our Week In Review.

If you have a product you want us to use and tell our listeners about, contact us about having it on the show (

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October 12- Stephen Midgley – IT Asset Management & Theft Recovery

13 10 2008

Stephen Midgley of Absolute Software joins Tom on Sunday to discuss IT Asset Management & Theft Recovery. Both business listeners and home listeners will benefit from the tips, advice and possibly the protction that Absolute can provide for your IT Assets.

Check Back Monday for the Week In Review…

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