Brand Buzz, Holiday Head’s Up & Outlook Foundation

12 11 2010
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Ever feel like your floating in brand purgatory?  Not sure what your customers want or how they really feel about your products and services?

One good way to get a brand buzz? Surveys.  Find out more about using surveys on this week’s show with Chelsea Bucoy from Zoomerang on the SHOW PAGE to generate buzz for your brand.

Head’s up – Next week is our annual show with Keith Shaw from NetworkWorld.  Just in time for the holiday shopping season to start on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ll have Keith on to help you satisfy all those technophiles on your list …or make your own list of what you have to have this year.

And finally, we also wanted to let you know about:

Computer Outlook Talk Show Announces Foundation to Repurpose Computers to Under-Resourced Children and Families of Deployed Service Personnel

Non-Profit Outlook Foundation’s mission to repurpose cast away technology into the hands of those who need them most

Computer Outlook Talk Show announced the launch of the Outlook Foundation, a non-profit organization created to refurbish and repurpose computers; providing them to children whose economic background prevents them from having equal educational opportunities, as well as to deployed US service personnel and their stateside families in an effort to help maintain communication with loved ones. Beyond helping children and our service families, Outlook Foundation will also use its resources to reduce the amount of hazardous technology waste in landfills by recycling remaining technology through certified organizations.

Back to the Cloud

4 11 2010
NYC Clouds

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The show will air Sunday at 1pm EST.  Due to sports coverage on KFNX, you can catch us even earlier on Sunday.

Here at TechTalk, we not only talk about the cloud – we rely on it.  We use for our website, Google for our mail and a plethora of other services that rely on the cloud – Twitter, and Flickr come to mind at first thought.  While the majority of this data is data we want you to see, we want to be sure it will be there and safe from other people trying to pass along information as us.  What does all of that rely on? Security.

This week, Tom is joined by Craig Balding who was our very first Cloud Computing guest.  Craig will let us know what is going on with service providers, how security models are evolving and a new project he is developing. Find out more on the SHOW PAGE.  Don’t forget that the show will be on at 1pm EST …also don’t forget that time goes back an hour everywhere except Arizona.

Don’t forget that Friday, November 5 is GrowSmart Biz conference at the Renaissance Washington DC with friends at the Washington Business Journal.  Be sure to tell Shashi Bellamkonda hello if you see him…or just tweet him.

Speaking of conferences, we have two shows coming soon – one from the FLASH conference and one from our time at Interop.  Tom also had the chance to attend CPM 2010 EAST this week AND GovTech in Brooklyn.  We’ll get those on for you soon.

Social Media Demystification & Tech-etiquette

5 08 2010
Nazca Lines, Peru

from NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr - used under Creative Commons License.

This week’s show ‘Developing a Social Media Strategy’ with Bill Seaver will put your company on the right path in the social media market.  Is social media for all companies? Should we have a plan? How do we put it all together? Bill answers these questions and helps you decide if social media is right for your company and the next step to take.

Our Week In Review will clue you in on Google’s new joint investment, and we Wave goodbye to a good idea with little adoption.  With all the big kids touting their cloud services, we’ll tell you about CloudSleuth – the radar gun of cloud services.  Those along with cheap PCs at a NYC tech bazaar (check the box before you leave) and more.

As tea time approaches, we remind you to check your Tech-etiquette.   Geoffrey Webb‘s “10 Rules of Tech-etiquette” article piles all your pet peeves into one place …or provides a point ripe for self-reflection and intervention about your annoying tech taboos.  How many of these do you do?  Will it make you think the next time you are about to check your BlackBerry on impulse?

August 30- Developing a User Experience Strategy

27 08 2009
This week, our guest, Robert Hoekman, will stop by to tell us about “How to Develop a User Experience Strategy”.

Robert Hoekman, Jr., is the author of Designing the Obvious (New Riders) and Designing the Moment (New Riders), and is the founder of Miskeeto, a user experience, usability, and training collective. Robert has worked with Seth Godin (Squidoo), Adobe, Automattic, United Airlines,, and countless others, and has spoken at many industry events, including An Event Apart, Web App Summit, SXSW, and Future of Web Design. Learn more about Robert through his blog at

The show airs on Sundays at 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm MST on KFNX– 1100 in the Greater Phoenix Area.

Not in Phoenix or can’t make it to your radio, stream the show from this link.