31 10 2008

Daylight savings time comes to an end this Saturday night. For everywhere that observes daylight savings time, TechTalk will be on one hour earlier.

Our first show after the change is Sunday, November 2.

We will still be on in the Phoenix listening area at 3pm.

For all our East Coast listeners, we’ll be on at 5pm EST until next spring.

On the West Coast, we’ll drop back to 2pm PST.

October 26 – Jeff Atwood on CodingHorror.com & Stackoverflow.com

26 10 2008

Joining Tom this week is Jeff Atwood. Jeff and Tom discuss his blog, CodingHorror.com and new site, Stackoverflow.com.

Check back Monday for more details and the Week in Review.

***DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE TIME CHANGE!!! TechTalk will remain on at 3pm in the Phoenix listening area, but will move back an hour everywhere that observes daylight saving time**

For our New York listeners, we will be on at 5pm starting Sunday, November 2 through next spring.

[UPDATE 10/27]


And from our Producers, GO TITANS!!!