What’s that you say? You don’t say?

16 09 2010
Customer Service Centre

Image by xcode via Flickr

Unless you live off the grid with your dog by the river, there is a good chance you have had run ins with customer service at one time or another.  Whether it is one of the big guys like AT&T, Comcast or a local business, you have outlets to resolve service issues.  Most companies will work with you to solve your problem, but what if you are dealing with one that will not?  Then you need to tune into our show with Gabe Goldberg this Sunday [SHOW PAGE].  Gabe and Tom will talk about Creative Griping after our Week in Review.

Speaking of our Week In Review – you’ll find out why you are paying so much for broadband (Still), why it is likely an engineer along with who is suing Google (well…at least one company that should be sued by Kareem Abdul Jabbar for taking the name of his signature shot) and much more.

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Lost Dog No More & More Information Overload

12 08 2010
Saturdays @ Polytech

from Flickr user sowunderful - used under Creative Commons License

This week, we’ll have a new Week In Review and follow it with an encore presentation of our “Information Overload” show with Gabe Goldberg.  Check the SHOW PAGE for more details on the show and the Week In Review story links after the show airs on Sunday at 6pm EDT | 3pm MST in Phoenix.  Catch it live on the web or on 1100 KFNX in the Phoenix area.

The site of the week is LostMyDoggie.com. They offer three tiers of service to help you find your lost dog.  For prices of $40, $75 or $115, they will create and mail fliers, make automated phone calls or both, respectively.  That’s a small price to pay for an important member of the family.  We like it so much, we put a link to the service on our site (on the right).

We tweeted it but wanted to remind everyone its time to sign up for CES 2011 in Las Vegas. Save $100 on the total cost if you register before September 1. Do that here.

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We also found a new service from Twitter on NYT.

So, tweet it loud –

June 28 – Tweets from the streets of Iran & Other

29 06 2009

Listen to Julie and Tom cover a hot topic – how Twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube and other viewer created content brought the Iranian elections and resulting demonstrations to the US even if the major networks would not. Julie tells us about this and more on how technology is affecting democracy, increasing transparency and how people can become better citizen journalists. Reach out to her on the IPDI website at www.ipdi.org and on Twitter, @JulieG.

We also found that the viewer created content channel, Current – http://www.current.com, is covering the elections as well as, if not better than the larger networks.

Along with our Week in Review, Gabe Goldberg dropped back by to keep the scary out of your PC. Face your PC head on with links to boil down the babble and put your computer in its place.

Gabe’s Golden Links to keep your PC from being scary:
O’Reilly – www.oreilly.com
WhatIs – www.whatis.com (note:skip sponsored links for user contents)
Wikipedia – www.wikipedia.com
SmartComputing – www.SmartComputing.com

You can find more from Gabe on www.tiplet.com

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We look forward to having Julie back and commend her for all her hard work.

Have a great week and thanks for listening!

May 3- Your Online Professional Network

30 04 2009

This week, Krista Canfield stops by to tell us about online professional networking, and the impact it is having on business relationships abroad.

Krista discusses the importance of building your network online (especially in a down economy), the site’s additional features and functionality, as well as, sharing success stories from members who have been able to do amazing things with LinkedIn like landing their dream job or finding funding for their latest start up.

Guest Reporter Gabe Goldberg from tiplet.com helps you find groups of people who share in your computer success and get you through tech nightmares one meeting at a time during our Week In Review. Come back Monday for the Week In Review links and more. The show will arrive in your inbox or your favorite RSS reader by next Wednesday.

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April 26- Week In Review

27 04 2009

Dan Englander, from Shoeboxed.com let us know how organizing electronically scanned receipts is good news for the future of making tax filing easier and more convenient. The show definitely lets you realize how easy it is for shoeboxed.com to take care of all your receipts.

We also hope you enjoyed the ‘Broadband 101’ guest spot from Gabe Goldberg.  We have more stories and tips from Gabe and other reporters in the pipes.  For more tips like this one, check out articles from Gabe and others on tiplet.com.

And, as always, here are the stories brought to you in the Week In Review:

  • Bluetooth 3.0 It’s official, and its fast- Wired- [JUMP]
  • Cisco offers security for “cloud” computing- Reuters- [JUMP]
  • IPhone Sales Push Up Apple’s Profit- NY Times-[JUMP]
  • Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium Opens- Sports Biz- [JUMP]
  • Hackers Scan NYPD Computers 70,000 Times a Day- News Day-[JUMP]

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