Making Wearable Tech More Wearable

8 05 2016

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Keith McMillen is the CEO of BeBop Sensors in Berkeley, California. The company provides sensor solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers, ranging from complete wireless solutions to custom apps. The company evolved from McMillen’s company, Keith McMillen Instruments, which builds electronic musical instruments and stage equipment, which includes the smart fabric. In 2015, BeBop Sensors was named as one of the best pieces of technology to come out of the IDTechEX Show, and received Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Technology Innovation Award.

Week In Review

  1. This site helped New Yorkers raid their closets for a 2 million dollar payday
  2. The first-ever IMAX cycling studio is opening in Brooklyn
  3. You can now tinker with IBM’s quantum computer over the web
  4. Netflix now lets you control how much data it uses when streaming from your smartphone
  5. Your Periscope broadcasts can now live on forever

The Past, Present and Future Virtual Reality

1 05 2016

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Virtual Reality is finally here and analysts predict the industry will see its first billion-dollar year in 2016 – that’s approximately $700 million in hardware sales and $300 million in content. VR will appeal to both consumer and enterprise – and with this much attention, businesses should be asking themselves how their offerings and experiences could translate to this emerging medium. In this episode, we take a look at whether virtual reality will sizzle or fizzle for businesses and brands, as well as what’s on the horizon, featuring an interview with Jeff Piazza, Co-Founder and UX Director at Behavior Design, an award winning design studio.

Jeff Piazza is Co-Founder and UX Director at Behavior Design where he drives creative and design strategy for clients. Jeff began his career at i/o 360 Digital Design as a Lead Designer before the company was acquired by Rare Medium, a full-service solutions Web firm. Jeff has previously completed projects for Amalgamated Bank, HBO, Thomson Reuters, the American Museum of Natural History, Businessweek, the National Geographic Channel, and the Museum of Modern Art. Jeff graduated with a BFA, Design from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

Week In Review

  1. Uber’s NYC fare cuts haven’t helped drivers
  2. U.S. approves Charter’s Time Warner Cable buy with conditions
  3. AT&T offering $5 internet to low-income families
  4. In Internet age, pirate radio arises as surprising challenge
  5. Waze vulnerability allows hackers to track you

Artificial Intelligence is a Go!

10 04 2016

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Week In Review

  1. This company is partnering with Uber to offer rides to the doctor
  2. Queens lawmakers want speed cameras in operation round-the-clock
  3. 3-D printer pioneer MakerBot shrinks Brooklyn manufacturing space
  4. Tesla’s Model 3 sedan gets over 325,000 reservations
  5. Reddit Lets Users Block the Hecklers and the Trolls

Pet Electronic Technology Showcase

13 03 2016

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Dana Humphrey is the Lead Publicist and Owner of Whitegate PR. She also is a professor a the Fashion Institute of Technology in the Pet Product Marketing Department. She runs the Re-tails & Sales Pet Expo with Nancy Hassel, a trade show in NYC featuring pet products. Dana also has recently trademarked “The Pet Lady” and travels around the country giving pet safety tips and great gift suggestions to pet parents. When she’s not posing with a pet you can find her cruising the streets of NYC on her bicycle or vacationing with friends.

Week In Review

  1. The New York Times is launching a television website, expanding Well
  2. Solar-powered Whole Foods already grows (lettuce and tomatoes) in Brooklyn
  3. NYC Okays Charter, Time Warner Cable Franchise Transfer
  4. This New High-Tech Wonder Bra May Help Detect Breast Cancer
  5. U.S. communications agency unveils Internet privacy proposal

Smart Homes

6 03 2016

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Stephan Sardone is the CEO of Sardone Construction a highly specialized contender in the industry that sets itself apart by providing clients with a personalized consultation from project’s inception to completion. As experts of the smart design process, Sardone implements creative uses of space and energy.

Week In Review

  1. NY transit cops can now communicate with police above ground
  2. Actress plans to open studio in Kingston
  3. MTA to change bus radio transmissions despite FCC warning, raising safety concerns
  4. Google’s new payments app means never having to pull out your wallet
  5. Google Believes Its Self-Driving Cars Will Be Great for Seniors

Off Grid Technology

28 02 2016

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Today’s show will be about philosophy and science of off grid renewable energy, and how anyone can apply minimal resources to cut the cord. Listen as we discuss DIY wind, biomass energy, upcycling, cost of small scale personal systems, differences in energy production/conservation, heating and cooling, etc.

Co-Ownerof Liberator LLC, manufacturer and designer of the first and only NRTL listed to UL-1482 Rocket Heater wood stove, good experience in gasification technology to run internal combustion engines.

Mr. Huddleston attended North County Tech for mechanical drafting, architectural design, and geospatial engineering, and has also done work with passive solar energy and DIY wind power.

Week In Review

  1. Soon, New Yorkers will be able to use smartphones to feed parking meters
  2. Rainbow Bagels Go Viral, and Multiply
  3. Airbnb admits that it purged 1,500 unflattering New York listings right before data release
  4. Microsoft Backs Apple in FBI Battle
  5. Google Docs now lets you dictate formatting edits

Polictal Technology

21 02 2016

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An innovator in the marketing world, Ric Militi has fearlessly embraced every aspect of the industry for over 35 years and throughout his career.

Most recently, Ric founded Crazy Raccoons, a tech think tank designed to create simple solutions to complex problems, especially in the marketing world. The tech company recently launched their first product, Zip – The Question Answer App.

In tandem, the companies can now successfully solve all marketing challenges with effective solutions. Now as CEO of three different marketing, film and technology firms, Ric takes the same approach in everything he does with passion, innovation and drive.

Week In Review

  1. NY joins multi-state green coalition
  2. New York is the Bitcoin ATM capital of the world
  3. Broadcasters return to 1 World Trade Center after 14-year absence
  4. Hospital explains decision to pay ransom to hackers
  5. Apple fights the feds on iPhone security hack


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