Bootcamps, Investing and Tech Talent in NYC

2 11 2014

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David’s been building and managing NYC engineering tech teams for many years at companies like RecycleBank, Gilt Groupe and BrightWire Media. David has previously worked as an engineer at Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo! and Deloitte Consulting but fell in love with the energy and spirit of teaching coding through Fullstack Academy.

Week In Review

  1. Free Broadband for Public Housing in New York Sought as Condition in Comcast Deal
  2. After a long wait, de Blasio names a new analytics chief
  3. NY voters to decide on digital legislation
  4. Apple Pay Rival CurrentC Has Been Hacked, Testers’ Email Addresses Stolen
  5. Movie industry yells ‘Cut!’ on wearables in theaters

IT and digital market jobs trends

26 10 2014

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Job trends of the 21st century? What’s hot these days, and what should your kids start learning in high school and college? How much do these new tech jobs pay?

Laura McGarrity is here with us today to answer all of these questions and more.

Laura McGarrity joined Mondo in 2012 and currently serves as VP, Digital Marketing Strategy. Laura guides Mondo’s vision as a customer-centric company and oversees the company’s lead generation, customer engagement and branding strategy through inbound marketing, including blogging, public relations, field marketing programs, search engine optimization, video marketing, and social media. MONDO is a leading technology marketing resources provider that works with companies of all sizes to deliver access to highly specialized technology and marketing professionals.

Week In Review

  1. First Signals From 1 World Trade Center
  2. Schumer seeks to make covert GPS tracking illegal
  3. Amazon Confirms It Will Deliver Fresh Groceries in New York City
  4. Investors Give Ello $5.5 Million Even After It Bans Its Most Obvious Revenue Source
  5. Apple dumps SSL 3.0 for push notifications due to Poodle flaw

Improving Government through Technology and the Web

12 10 2014

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You’ve heard about Big Data, but what about Open Data?

Joel Gurin joins us today to inform us on how open data from our governments are helping us create new things.

Week In Review

  1. New York City residents can now get their own .nyc domain
  2. Yelp Can’t Be Trusted: Try One Of These Alternatives Now
  3. AT&T to pay $105 million for mobile cramming
  4. NYC Ends Ad Beacon Network Some Saw as Privacy Invasion
  5. Homeowner tried selling his house for an iPhone 6 — and it worked

The Past, Present, and Future of Social Networks

5 10 2014

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With the rise of Ello, we are taking a look at the history of social networks, and what our guest, Ryan Freeze believes is the future of social.

Ryan love challenges and creating solutions. Having been doing this web stuff since 1995, Ryan has been exposed to a lot of different business models.

You can find Ryan at various conferences and events. Ryan participates in workshops, panels, seminars, and sometimes Ryan just likes to talk over a single malt whiskey. Ryan is either a board member, managing partner, or otherwise involved in a number of exciting businesses looking to disrupt consumer relations for good.

You can interact and read more about Ryan Freeze at his website: or on Twitter @rynfrz.

Week In Review

  1. Startups offer New Yorkers ways to earn some extra cash
  2. New York Media Outlets Revamp Site for Schools
  3. Following the emotions study fiasco, Facebook is changing the way it experiments on users
  4. Elon Musk promises Tesla ‘D’ details

Managing a Law Office from Anytime and Anyplace with Mobile Technology

24 08 2014

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Matt Spiegel leads the product strategy for MyCase, web-based legal practice management software. He studies the market, talks with customers and works closely with the engineering team to create industry leading software. He is also a successful trial lawyer and leverages his firsthand experience in the legal profession to direct the MyCase product line. In addition to being competitive in the courtroom, Matt enjoys rock climbing, golf and intense games of tennis. Matt worked as a criminal defense attorney at San Diego’s largest consumer law firm for four years before starting his own practice in 2009.

Week In Review

  1. NYPD cops have been warned against using their personal cell phones to record video or take photos while on duty
  2. Barnes & Noble Starts Selling Samsung Tablet With Nook Software
  3. Netflix Inks Time Warner Cable Deal for Faster Streams
  4. OnBeep raises $6.25M as it puts the finishing touches on its walkie-talkie wearable
  5. City Council bill would send drivers instant traffic ticket e-mails

Empowering Technologists at the Negotiating Table

17 08 2014

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We all know that talented negotiators can outpace their competitors, and colleagues for that matter, in business, and yet many of us feel ill- equipped to succeed in negotiations. But business professionals must be able to successfully create and close agreements when revenue, budgets, priorities, and due dates are at stake. Technology negotiations can be even more complex than straight business agreements, so technologists often have a unique set of challenges to tackle to achieve success and ensure that their technology is appropriately valued, and hopefully broadly adopted.

Leslie Mulligan of Watershed Associates will illuminate the challenges that technologists face at the negotiating table, more importantly shedding light on how they can maximize their success.

Leslie Mulligan is a proven business leader in the high tech arena, having spent more than 15 years in Silicon Valley, leading sales and marketing teams, negotiating with customers and partners alike to achieve win-win results.

Leslie joined Watershed Associates in Washington, D.C. in 2013 and has led negotiation workshops at numerous Fortune 500 companies, small startups and government agencies in North America and Europe. Prior to joining Watershed, she held senior roles at NVIDIA Corporation, Immersion Corporation, and Tyco Electronics. Before embarking on her high-tech career, Leslie served as an Officer in the USAF, after earning an M.S. from Harvard University in Applied Mathematics, an M.B.A. from the University of West Florida, and a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame.

Week In Review

  1. Boingo will bring free Wi-Fi to WTC
  2. 3D printed headphone brand Normal opens flagship and factory in the Chelsea Disctrict of New York City
  3. Mayor Bill de Blasio criticizes Comcast and Time Warner merger plan
  4. Gartner: Windows 7 Shops Should Start Planning Migration Now
  5. Berlin bans car service Uber

Hardware and Crowdfunding

10 08 2014

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Accomplished entrepreneur and innovative businessman with over 20 years experience in Technology Management, Product Development and Business Development. He received both his undergrad and master’s degrees from New York University Polytechnic Institute Management of Technology in Electrical Engineering and Technology Management. He likes Sci-Fi movies and shows and the interface of technology with the physical world.

Week In Review

  1. Can Staten Island become … Silicon Island?
  2. Distracted walking takes a toll on New Yorkers as smartphones sending users to the ER
  3. Goodbye .com, hello .nyc
  4. Six-year-olds understand digital technology better than adults
  5. Self-assembling origami robot is world’s first Transformer


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