2010 Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) Conference – December 26, 2010

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Tis’ the day after Christmas, the beginning of Kwanzaa and Boxing Day.  Though hurricane season is still a ways away for the States, there are still plenty of lessons to learn about keeping your home safe and insulated. Tom had the chance to visit the 2010 FLASH conference in Florida this year.  We have interviews and coverage from some of the sessions – a great time of the year to insulate and weatherproof your home…not to mention prepare for storm seasons if you live in an area that may be affected.

Not a radio first, but likely a TechTalk first – a demonstration that includes smashing glass. We aren’t talking 1940’s radio drop a wine glass – we mean slamming a baseball bat as hard as one can. It’ll keep your house from blowing up during a hurricane or tornado …and well insulated during nominal weather but fun none the less.  Also find out why you should not call anything in your luggage a ‘canon’ to avoid ridicule and plastic glove searches at the airport.

Find out more about FLASH on their website or be their buddy pal on FaceSpace!

Have a great rest of the year and be safe.  We’ll be back with our NY Government Technology Forum (GovTech) coverage to start 2010.

Looking forward to 2011!

We’ll have the edited podcast and links to the WIR early next week.


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