The Mobile Customer Frontier – Feb 13, 2011

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Mobile customers are here and everywhere all at once.  If there is one thing this week’s guest knows, it is mobile customers. Who they are, where they are and what businesses can do to capitalize on what can hardly be called a trend.  Mobile computing is here to stay. The hardware will change – but having computing power and geolocation are here to stay.  There is no better time than now to tap this market.  How can your brand make the most of this movement? Well, not this kind of movement – but a consumer revolution.

Mobile users wants deals and they want close. Josh Schiffman from Xtify well help your business identify the mobile market, consider all the platforms and help put your business on the path to capturing people that are already walking through or even near your business.

It is not just email jockeys and fanboys with smartphones – moms looking for grocery deals and cheap cupcakes abound!  Listen to see if mobile marketing is a viable option for your business.  People with smartphones are willing to spend money (you priced an iPhone lately?) – why not have them spend it on your goods/services.

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