More from CES 2011 – February 20, 2011

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The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show was too big to fit into one show.  So, we are going  to revisit CES 2011 for some of our favorite consumer products.  LG appliances and TVs, keeping gadgets (and everything else) charged with Powermat along with Sony‘s 2011 line up are in this week’s show.

Our Week In Review is new and so are the interviews.  Is 3D in your home theater’s future? Maybe without those silly glasses …maybe when the prices come down a little more… maybe when pigs fly? Listen to this week’s show before you make a decision.

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19 02 2011
Back to the floor for more CES 2011 « IMI TechTalk

[…] to head back to the CES  2011 footage to bring you the best consumer products.  Check out the SHOW PAGE for details about Tom’s interviews with some of the biggest names on the floor at this […]

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