The Cloud is Here to Stay

The Internet told me to do it...

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When the Egyptian government shut down the internet earlier this year, that cause some people to question the strength of putting all of your resources into the cloud. Then there was that story of the lady chopping a Internet cable and Shutting down the entire internet connection of Armenia. Those and other stories should definitely raise a concern for your ideas about the cloud. But don’t worry, we have answers

This week we have Siamak Farah to defend the Cloud. Siamak Farah, is a regular keynote speaker at a variety of tech industry shows and can talk to their model for success: charismatic leadership, respect for his (loyal) employees, a dedication to implementing affordable technologies that can be implemented by small and large companies, alike, and an uncanny foresight that allowed him to identify the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) trend long before the term was coined.

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18 04 2011
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