CES ‘CEA Line Show’ – July 11, 2010

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Tom attended the most recent CEA LineShow in NYC and brought back information on some very interesting technology products. 3D TVs, solar iPhone stations, how to dispose of your digital waste in NYC and much, much more await.


Segment 1
* Immerz – full body gaming experience – www.immerz.com
* UV Cleaning Device – www.violight.com
* Sleep Phones – https://sleepphones.com/

Segment 2
* Vizio 3D TVs – www.vizio.com
* Sony 3D TVs & Blu-Ray – www.sonystyle.com
* eton’s Soulra – Product Description

Segment 3
* Crestron Automation – www.crestron.com
* Digital Comicbook Distribution – http://comics.Comixology.com
* The World’s First Dual Book – entourageedge.com

Segment 4
* Savant (Apple based home control and automation) – http://www.savantav.com/
* Numikey Digital Wallet – http://www.myloyaltycards.com/
* 4th Bin – eWaste Collection – http://4thbin.com/
* Trexta Accessory Cases – http://www.trexta.com/


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