Danger on the Front Lines – March 21, 2010

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This week, Stan Oien stops by to discuss “Federal Cybersecurity: Danger on the Frontlines.” Specifically, he will be addressing what federal agencies are doing to improve their cybersecurity, where are today’s cybersecurity threats coming from, and much more.

Stan is the manager of security practices for CDW LLC, a leading provider of technology products and services for businesses, government and education. Oien is responsible for managing and growing security sales for CDW through providing software and hardware solutions that secure company assets for CDW customers.

Some of the areas addressed were the problems that we face currently, the problems we will face in the future, and what new aspects of Federal Cybersecurity are happening.

Here are the stories brought to you in this Week In Review portion of the show:
  • Gov’t Technology Spending Is Still Alive- TMC- [JUMP]
  • Green Cars Come With New Technology Features- News Channel 8- [JUMP]
  • Revised Cybersecurity Bill Introduced in Senate- Computer World- [JUMP]
  • Cowboys Stadium: Bigger is Better in Football and Technology- Network World- [JUMP]
  • New York Isn’t Silicon Valley. That’s Why They Like It- NY Times- [JUMP]

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