Digital Forensics: What Data Can Be Recovered? – October 17, 2010

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Javits Center Ceiling

Image by ShellyS via Flickr

You leave tracks every site you visit, every keystroke you make, every auto save and message attachment.  This week Phillip Rodokanakis, Managing Director of US Data Forensics, LLC joins us to share some of his 30+ years of investigative experience. Find out what all digital forensics entails, the types of cases where this investigation is pertinent along with some pretty shocking data recovery facts that will have you thinking twice before visiting that site …you know the one.  Phillip will also let you in on the type of data that can be recovered from iPads, smart phones and that encrypted hard drive no one can access …or can they?

We are also very excited to kick off this week’s Interop in New York City at the Javits Center with general manager Lenny Heymann.  He will stop by at the beginning of the Week In Review to get you up to date about all the happenings at Interop this week from keynote speakers to session details and some of the top exhibitors.

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