Every Vote Counts – February 14, 2010

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This week, our guest, Bryce Cullinane and host, Tom D’Auria, discuss “Technology Use in the 2010 Elections”. Bryce is the founder and director of PoliticsUnder30.org. Bryce also works in marketing at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. In his spare time, Bryce runs Political Office Conferences and is a web consultant for various companies. Bryce is very fluent in the subject of technology in politics and tells us several things that we might not have known before about technology used in political elections.

Tom will also bring you the Week in Review, including a guest spot from Toby Richards at Microsoft.

“Technology Used in the 2010 Election” is a very informative show that discusses what are some technology advances that politics have evolved to since the 2008 elections, what is the necessary amount of media needed for these elections, and much more.

Here are the stories from the Week In Review portion of the show on Sunday:
  • Official Google Blog: Introducing Google Buzz- Google News- [JUMP]
  • How To Work Your Social Network To Find Jobs- NPR News- [JUMP]
  • NYC Big App Winners Announced!- NYC Big Apps- [JUMP]
  • High Tech Kept Super Bowl On Track- CNN News- [JUMP]
  • The Ford Transit Connect: NYC Taxi Cab of the Future- Fast Company- [JUMP]

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