Geolocation Application Trends – August 22, 2010

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Chris Hull joins us to discuss ‘Geolocation Application Trends’.  What is it, what is it used for and some creative ideas how it can be used for more than being the mayor of your favorite place.  So if you are a Foursquare veteran or have no idea what to do with Facebook’s new Places features, Chris will break it down, spell it out for you and clue you in on other possible uses in the future.

A little more about Chris:

Chris Hulls founded Life360 in 2008, and has overseen the early success of the start-up which secured recognition and financial support from Google in 2008 and the fbFund REV incubator program in spring 2009, and also closed an additional round of funding in fall 2009. Hulls, a young entrepreneur, conceived the initial idea for the safety and security start-up in 2005; he created a business plan for an emergency preparedness service for an entrepreneurship class at U.C. Berkeley and would later expand the idea and pursue his passion for creating a better safety solution for families.

From the Week In Review

  • Spanish Judge Summons Google to Court Over Wi-Fi Data- ZDNet- [JUMP]
  • Young Will Have to Change Name to Escape ‘Cyber Past’ Warns Google’s Eric Schmidt- Telegraph- [JUMP]
  • Engineers Test Sign Language on Cell Phones- CNET- [JUMP]
  • AT&T Enhances Wireless Experience at Citizen Bank Park for Phillies Fans Through Sports Tech- Sports Techy- [JUMP]
  • Bike Share Program Using Cell and GPS Technology to be Tested in NYC- SF Gate- [JUMP]

Show air date: September 5, 2010


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