Information Overload – July 4, 2010

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Long time guest and friend of the show Gabe Goldberg comes by to talk about how much information is too much on our July 4th show.  Are we freeing ourselves with all this technology or servants to emailing, tweeting and being connected in general?

Gabe addresses abundant information and whether all information is necessary or if it is overkill, other sorts of information distractions, and how to control “too much” information.

Gabe is a technology communicator and consultant. He has written hundreds of computer press articles and speaks very frequently to all kinds of crowds about technology used in today’s society (*Take the survey to see if you are overloaded JUMP – Details Below).

Stories from the Week In Review:
  • Google Struggles to Give Away $10 Million – Wired [JUMP]
  • Finland makes broadband a ‘legal right’ – BBC News [JUMP]
  • Google to Stop Redirecting China Users – NY Times [JUMP]
  • AT&T completes 3G upgrades in NYC – CNET [JUMP]
  • Time for FIFA to admit it’s wrong – ESPN [JUMP]


From the AARP – ‘May I have my attention please’ [JUMP]


How much time does reading e-mail consume?

What about searching for content?

Is the amount of information you deal with detrimental
to getting your work done?

Take our survey:

You’ll get a complimentary Executive Summary
of the survey findings and a chance to win
a set of Dilbert CubeGuard information overload barriers


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