Social Media and Customer Service Etiquette – October 24, 2010

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Seems like every company and their cable provider has a Twitter account and a Facebook page they are clamoring to have you visit, be there buddy, do their evil bidding, etc.  What difference does it make if you friend [insert company name here] on Facebook or follow them on Twitter?  How are they improving the good or the service by using these platforms?

Shashi Bellamkonda is back to discuss the unwritten rules of social media and customer service.  He’ll get into the etiquette of using these maturing platforms as a means of improving customer service.  He and Tom will discuss who is doing what, who is doing it right and who has it all wrong.

An NYCTA token from the mid-20th century

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This will follow our Week In Review.  We’ll cover a story about your NYC subway trip getting louder, an agreement between Microsoft and NYC, a data center in a not so obvious place (until you think about it) along with other great tech stories from this week’s headlines.

Tune in at 6pm EDT on Sunday, October 24 to listen to the show live.  Drop back by next week for the edited podcast and links from our Week In Review.  You can also find us on iTunes if that is how you podcast.

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