Social Media Networking at Work – Dec 05, 2010

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US Border & Customs Station

Image by jimmywayne via Flickr

Employee: “Want to go on break?”

Employee 2: “Sure, just let me check Facebook for messages.”

While that same scene plays out across cube farms each day, employees and employers see using these sites and applications at work very differently.  Should it be?  People have used the faster business connections at work to shop, load pictures and other personal tasks for years.  So where is the balance?

Tony Bradley joins Tom to take an in depth look using social media to network while you are at work. Is this a legitimate use of time in business? Network implications – both at work and who your friend on Facebook along with trying to find a balance of access and protection.

Our Week in Review will let you in on the fingerprinting of devices, where the Stuxnet worm ended up in Iran, Cyber Monday and more.

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