Technology Resolutions for the New Year

4 01 2012

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A new year is upon us and while many are celebrating the close of one year and welcoming another that is certain to be momentus, others are scrambling to tie up loose ends and prepare for the onslaught of new responsibilities. As technology becomes ever popular, the necessity for making tech oriented resolutions (and keeping them!) also rises in importance. We welcome Aaron Mandelbaum, a man who has a knack for gently reminding us what we should have been doing when we weren’t maintaining our other resolutions.Use Recommendations

Best described as an entrepreneur and digital strategist, Aaron Mandelbaum most recently served as the Web Marketing Manager for Big M Inc. There his team was responsible for social media, advertising, ecommerce, SEM, SEO and new technology projects for two chains of women’s fashion retail.  Aaron has spoken at numerous industry events and has been quoted in key publications including Internet Retailer and Shop.Org. His consulting practice (Icebreaker Consulting) provides private executive level coaching and education in social media, technology, ecommerce, marketing, personal productivity and more.

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