Apple Event Recap

15 09 2013

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Learn about iOS 7 and the new iPhone 5s and 5c with our guest Tony Bradley.

Tony is a principal analyst with Bradley Strategy Group. He is a consultant, speaker, and prolific writer with a focus on technology from a business perspective. Tony has established a reputation for being able to translate “tech speak” into plain English, and for helping customers navigate trends in technology. He has been a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) for more than a decade, and he has been recognized by Microsoft as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for seven consecutive years.

Week In Review

  1. New York CIOs Reveal Fourth-Quarter Hiring Plans
  2. Silicon Alley startup unveils Netflix for books
  3. Facebook Privacy Change Is Subject of F.T.C. Inquiry
  4. Airplane Wi-Fi Gets Up to Speed

Apple’s Next Big Thing

23 06 2013

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Historically, technology innovation and economic growth have been driven by BIG innovations, e.g., the Internet, smartphones, and tablet computers. Yet, most technology announcements we’ve heard lately seem incremental. Is there a “next big thing”?

Technology analyst and author Bill Meisel thinks so. He says that technology such as speech recognition and natural language understanding that allow a tighter human-computer connection, one that can help unify the increasing number and complexity of digital devices we deal with every day. By addressing this problem of “digital overload,” companies can create a closer and cost-effective connection with customers. The overall impact to individual companies and to the overall economy can the tightening human-computer connection “the next big thing,” he claims. See if you agree!

Bill Meisel is an industry analyst, publishing a newsletter on applications of speech and natural language technology and holding an annual Mobile Voice Conference. Bill recently published a book for the general reader, The Software Society. Bill began his career as a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at USC and published technical books. He also managed the Computer Science Division of a defense company and founded and ran a speech recognition company. He is also Executive Director of the Applied Voice Input Output Society, a non-profit industry organization. He also makes The Software Society a “living book” with a blog at

Week In Review

  1. AT&T to Introduce Solar-Powered Charging Stations
  2. Time Warner Bumps Modem Rental Fee to $5
  3. France, Spain take action against Google on privacy
  4. Pirate Bay co-founder sentenced to two years in prison for hacking
  5. Vine Goes On The Offensive, Teases New Features Ahead Of Instagram Video Launch

Whats next for Tech in 2013

13 01 2013

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This week Tom D’Auria and Mike Meikle of the Hawkthorne Group will discuss “What’s Next for Tech in 2013”. Tom and Mike will chat about Apple’s upcoming iPad 5, Microsoft’s answer to the tablet wars and how tech giants Sony and Microsoft plan to do battle on the video game console front. Mr. Meikle will also cover what the open source movement may have in store for the “cloud” and how this trend is even impacting consumer devices. Finally Tom and Mike will discuss how the chips that power all these gizmos are shrinking further and what it means for the average consumer. We’ll wrap up with the discussion with some final thoughts.

Consulting veteran Mike Meikle navigates the turbulent and murky world of management and information technology consulting. As an entrepreneur who has run two consulting firms, Corporate Consigliere Mike Meikle provides strategic, technological and management solutions for his clients. Mr. Meikle has over fifteen years of experience within the public and private sector across multiple industries. He has significant education and practical experience in strategic planning, risk, security, compliance and operations methodologies. Certifications he holds include Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Six Sigma Green Belt and a host of others. Mr. Meikle can be reached via his website at

Week In Review Links

  1. [drag] Southwest Chelsea to Become First WiFi Neighborhood in Manhattan
  2. [drag] NYPD Launches New iPhone App for Citizens
  3. [drag] Artificially-loud electric car rules proposed to boost EV safety
  4. [drag] Microsoft confirms purchase of R2 Studios to push Xbox beyond gaming

The iPhone 5 and it’s Competition

16 09 2012

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The iPhone 5 has finally arrived, but this time, it has more competition. It a field where the smart phone playing field has been equalized, how does the 5 stack up to the competition. Guest regular Tony Bradley is with us this week to review whats new with the iPhone 5, and what the its competitors are doing as well.iphone 5 black & white models

Tony Bradley is a freelance tech writer, and author of the Net Work blog and column for PCWorld. He focuses on technology from a business perspective, and has established a reputation for being able to translate “tech speak” into plain English the rest of us can understand. Tony has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for seven consecutive years, and he is certified as a CISSP-ISSAP.

Week In Review Links

  1. NYPD Releases Social Media Guidelines
  2. NJ Brokerage Warns About High Frequency Trading
  3. Long Island Tech Incubator Now Accepting Applications
  4. Acer cancels smartphone launch with Alibaba at last minute
  5. Visual Studio 2012 bends to shifting IT landscape

WWDC Keynote Review

24 06 2012

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WWDC happend, and Apple presented a lot. iOS 6 and Mountain Lion were the big issues being discussed. But what of the deatils? How will this affect you? Friend of the show, Tony Bradley is here to answer our questions.WWDC 1

Tony is a freelance tech writer, and author of the Net Work blog and column for PCWorld. He focuses on technology from a business perspective, and has established a reputation for being able to translate “tech speak” into plain English the rest of us can understand. Tony has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for six consecutive years, and he is certified as a CISSP-ISSAP.

Upgrades to the Apple Ecosystem: The new iPad, AppleTV, and the upcoming OS X 10.8

1 04 2012

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The new iPad is here, along with an upgraded AppleTV. So what do they have to offer and how are they going to mesh with the upcoming OS X update? This week joining us on the show to discuss the Apple Ecosystem is Gabe Gagliano.

Image representing Apple TV as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Gabe Gagliano writes Tech of the Hub. Tech of the Hub is a blog dedicated to getting the best audio and video experience in the home without busting the bank. The blog covers topics such as HD, surround sound, Netflix, home theater gear, video-streaming services, gadgets and of course, Apple.

Gabe is also the creator of the web site TV and Movies The site allows you to search for streaming TV shows and movies on both Netflix and Amazon. You can discover titles in High definition, surround sound or ones that are expiring. Check out
While he’s not blogging, Gabe provides IT consulting services to companies. Most of his career, Gabe has successfully led IT teams to create value for businesses. Gabe has experience in both B2B and B2C with specific experience in consumer goods, software, government and political campaigns. You can follow Gabe on twitter at @TechOfTheHub or on Facebook at

Week In Review Links

  1. Verizon Raises Prices for NY FiOS TV Subscribers
  2. Sen. Schumer Questions Employers Seeking Facebook Data
  3. Gartner Group Finds NY 911 System Improvements $1 Billion Over Budget
  4. Apple’s iPad hits snag over 4G claims overseas
  5. OnStar Family Link service launched