The Technology Tipping Point & The New World of Work

3 03 2013

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What is The New World of Work all about? Advancements in technology are transforming work platforms and talent-sourcing to revolutionize not just how and where work is performed, but the way business is being done. Tim Houlne, the author of a groundbreaking new book, The New World of Work: From the Cube to the Cloud, will describe the technology tipping point that’s driving this unstoppable phenomenon. Join us to learn why Tim says the New World of Work brings opportunities to succeed in a world with no boundaries, no buildings and no fear.

cloud connected,

cloud connected, (Photo credit: ashley rose,)

Tim Houlne is a visionary whose longstanding, futuristic predictions about the virtual workforce are now a reality. He recognizes and understands market trends, and uses that unique knowledge to transform industries across the business landscape. His understanding of the virtual workplace is unparalleled, and his drive to uncover new concepts is matched only by his passion for growing profitable businesses. Tim holds the position of CEO at Working Solutions, a premier virtual agent and technology solutions provider in Dallas, Texas.

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Interop NY 2012 Recap

14 10 2012

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Interop NY has come to a conclusion, and we’ve got some interviews from the floor to your ears. But before we get to the exhibitor interviews, we have a special guest, the Interop GM Jessica Jessup to talk with us about Interop NY and Interop around the world.

Jennifer Jessup, Interop General Manager

Jennifer Jessup, Interop General Manager (Photo credit: Interop Events)

As general manager she is responsible for the brand’s overall vision and content at domestic and international trade shows, as well as online events. JJ has worked in live events at UBM since 1998. Her experience includes working on brands including Informex (fine & specialty chemicals), the Game Developer Conference and Software Development in roles ranging from conference emanager to operations to event director.

Alternate Ways to fund your Start Up

18 03 2012


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By this point you’ve all heard of Angel Investors and Venture Capital Funds to help get your start up off the ground. But what are some other options? How do those options differ for a pure start up, versus a start up that has perhaps already been in business for a while? Ann Kayman is here to answer these questions and more.

New York City

Ann Kayman is CEO and owner of the New York Grant Company, her brainchild formed in 2002 after serving for four years in the Giuliani and Bloomberg Administrations as head of Business Development and Senior VP at the New York City Economic Development Corporation.  After 9/11, she was appointed to direct the City’s efforts to help with the recovery of 20,000 lower Manhattan businesses.

Ann’s latest venture, NYG Green Partners, LLC assists building owners in NYC to comply with the new Greener, Greater Buildings legislation, while raising the funding necessary to pay for energy efficient retrofits and compliance.

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  1. Contractor Involved in CityTime Case to Pay NY Over $500 Million
  2. NY Marketing Firm Uses Homeless for South by Southwest WiFi Spots
  3. AT&T Bringing 4G LTE to Staten Island
  4. Yahoo sues Facebook for infringing 10 patents
  5. Iran may have committed cyber-attack on BBC


Hiring 2.0 with HireVue

14 12 2011

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Who really knew? Traditional interviews are expensive, inefficient, unstructured and inconvenient for all parties involved. As the jobs numbers improve and companies gear up for more hiring, now is the time for companies to consider transforming how they interview.HireVue Logo

Digital interviewing technology is gaining popularity with companies in all industries across the country.  The technology streamlines and standardizes the process for all types of interviews – whether digital, phone, in-person or On Demand.  On Demand interviews are helping companies screen better and more easily identify best-fit candidates, while helping them spend less time and money doing it.

HireVue is a leading provider of digital interviewing solutions.  David recently joined the company as its CEO because he’s seen how HireVue’s solutions are transforming the way companies interview.

Week In Review Links

Do you CES what we CES?

7 01 2011
I am staying here!!

Image by kmiller799 via Flickr

Each year the technology industry makes a pilgrimage to the desert.  The International Consumer Electronics Show is [insert a “doesn’t get any bigger than this”] metaphor.  Tom is on the floor as I type …or he is on a plane …I don’t handle that …anyway, Tom is at CES as far as you are concerned.

So, what are you going to do while I put together a great CES show?  Listen to a new Week in Review and and an encore presentation of our Contingency Planning & Management 2010 coverage. Find out more and get Week In Review links on the SHOW PAGE.

What’s coming up on TechTalk?
Jan 16 – ‘Overloaded Inbox? Try the cloud.’ with Brian Curry

Jan 23 – ‘Buying Technology at the Sweet Spot’ with Gabe Goldberg

Another Face in the Cloud

24 09 2010
Looking into the cloud

from Flickr user Lomo-Cam

This week Michael Clark from Microsoft joins Tom to cover using the cloud as a business accelerator.  Head over to the [SHOW PAGE] to find out the details.

We’ve covered cloud computing for a while now.  As the technologies underlying the cloud and the related services have matured, so too has our coverage.  We first focused on ‘what is the cloud’.  And while that definition can still be a moving target depending who you ask, there is no doubt the cloud is no longer a buzzword.  Cloud computing not only delivers applications like email, it is evolving platforms that change the way you internet and changing the way IT services are delivered from small businesses to the largest enterprises (Guess who manages McDonald’s email? Autodesk, Nokia? California Emergency Management Agency?).   This pay as you go computing is also lowering barriers to enter applications into various markets.

Even if you are not sure if the cloud is right for you, it is the right time to look into the cloud.

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