ShowStoppers at CES 2013

27 01 2013

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We continue our coverage of CES Las Vegas 2013 with our annual trip to the media blitz known as Showstoppers.  Listen to Tom interview a barrage of guests as they discuss their products and technologies.

Week In Review Links

  1. NYPD Unveils New Weapon Surveillance Technology
  2. Sergey Brin Spotted on NY Subway Wearing Google Glasses
  3. Computer files stored accurately on DNA in new breakthrough
  4. Twitter launches video sharing service Vine
  5. Research Shows Facebook Could Make Users Feel Miserable

CES Las Vegas 2013

20 01 2013

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Tom heads out to Las Vegas to cover CES 2012 and interviews multiple venders and discusses various technologies.

Week In Review Links

  1. Cops giving New York City pharmacies OxyContin bottles equipped with GPS tracking devices as “bait” to track thieves
  2. Christine Quinn Wants to Replace Textbooks with Tablets
  3. Germ Tracker App Reveals NY’s Flu Hot Spots
  4. Google Chromebook gets boost: Lenovo to sell laptop line to schools
  5. US software engineer outsources his own job to China

Wait. What Happened?

17 01 2011
CES 2011 - Consumer Electronics Show - Las Veg...

Image by David Berkowitz via Flickr


Tom went to CES is what happened.  While he was there, he battled a cold to travel into the deepest depths of the North and South Halls.  This week, we have our first show coming out of the event. Check out the SHOW PAGE for the entire scoop.

Where was the producer all weekend?  I spent the weekend at Nashville GiveCamp – an event sponsored by Microsoft.  Read more about that on the national GiveCamp site or the local site for the event I attended.

We are excited to have Gabe Goldberg back on January 23 to talk about ‘Buying Tech at the Sweet Spot’ – be sure to put that on your calendar.

Do you CES what we CES?

7 01 2011
I am staying here!!

Image by kmiller799 via Flickr

Each year the technology industry makes a pilgrimage to the desert.  The International Consumer Electronics Show is [insert a “doesn’t get any bigger than this”] metaphor.  Tom is on the floor as I type …or he is on a plane …I don’t handle that …anyway, Tom is at CES as far as you are concerned.

So, what are you going to do while I put together a great CES show?  Listen to a new Week in Review and and an encore presentation of our Contingency Planning & Management 2010 coverage. Find out more and get Week In Review links on the SHOW PAGE.

What’s coming up on TechTalk?
Jan 16 – ‘Overloaded Inbox? Try the cloud.’ with Brian Curry

Jan 23 – ‘Buying Technology at the Sweet Spot’ with Gabe Goldberg