Google and Cloud Services in 2012

1 03 2012

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Google is everywhere, and so many people use it. Always on the forefront of cloud technologies, starting with gMail, and continuing with Google Docs and more, they aren’t done yet. So what does Google have to offer us in 2012? This week we have cloud expert David Schulman with us to get us the lowdown.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Mr. Schulman has 30 years experience in information technology. Prior to founding CloudOPX, he formed PracticeOne an application service provider delivering electronic medical records, prescription writing and fulfillment, scheduling, billing and collections for the ambulatory care physician community. Prior to PracticeOne, he founded Business Engineering, Inc., a network integration firm with more than 300 customers in the greater Washington, DC, area, and served as its president for 14 years.

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What’s Up With Google Plus?

24 10 2011

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Google+ (pronounced Google Plus), is the online social networking website alternative to Facebook Developed by Google. It has interesting idea’s such as Circles, Hangouts, and more. But what exactly are they? And is Google+ here to stay? How will it affect Facebook? Dick Davies is here to answer our questions.

+1 for Google Plus

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Dick Davies is a salesman, and a serial entrepreneur who has been president of Sales Lab Incorporated for over 30 years. He blogs to promote his companies, new technologies, and civic and social interests. He is currently Vice President of the Washington Academy of Sciences, a volunteer position leading the Junior Academy, professional scientists and technologists working with students, judging local science fairs. He is a loud and frequent speaker on how businesses are adopting new technology.

Week In Review Links

All things must come to an end…

27 01 2011

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Unless you are talking about your inbox’s capacity.  You can either pay your email provider for more disk storage or incorporate the cloud into your file management strategy.  Sending emails with giant attachments gets old quick – and expensive if you are paying by the bit. Instead of ducking, put those attachments in the cloud.

Brian Curry from YouSendIt will help you corral your inbox quota using the cloud to get those attachments under control.  Find out more on the SHOW PAGE.  If you have an overloaded inbox, this is the show for you. We’ll also give you two great reasons to go to Vegas in May – Interop and CPM 2010 West.

If you use Gmail, your free producer tip of the week is to take Gmail’s priority inbox to the next step using the ‘Super Nick Email System’. Never look at an email more than twice again.

What’s that you say? You don’t say?

16 09 2010
Customer Service Centre

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Unless you live off the grid with your dog by the river, there is a good chance you have had run ins with customer service at one time or another.  Whether it is one of the big guys like AT&T, Comcast or a local business, you have outlets to resolve service issues.  Most companies will work with you to solve your problem, but what if you are dealing with one that will not?  Then you need to tune into our show with Gabe Goldberg this Sunday [SHOW PAGE].  Gabe and Tom will talk about Creative Griping after our Week in Review.

Speaking of our Week In Review – you’ll find out why you are paying so much for broadband (Still), why it is likely an engineer along with who is suing Google (well…at least one company that should be sued by Kareem Abdul Jabbar for taking the name of his signature shot) and much more.

If you can’t tune in for the live show on Sunday at 3pm MST | 6pm EDT, be sure to drop by next week for the edited show and links to all of our Week in Review stories.