Upgrades to the Apple Ecosystem: The new iPad, AppleTV, and the upcoming OS X 10.8

1 04 2012

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The new iPad is here, along with an upgraded AppleTV. So what do they have to offer and how are they going to mesh with the upcoming OS X update? This week joining us on the show to discuss the Apple Ecosystem is Gabe Gagliano.

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Gabe Gagliano writes Tech of the Hub. Tech of the Hub is a blog dedicated to getting the best audio and video experience in the home without busting the bank. The blog covers topics such as HD, surround sound, Netflix, home theater gear, video-streaming services, gadgets and of course, Apple.

Gabe is also the creator of the web site TV and Movies NOW.com. The site allows you to search for streaming TV shows and movies on both Netflix and Amazon. You can discover titles in High definition, surround sound or ones that are expiring. Check out TVandMoviesNOW.com
While he’s not blogging, Gabe provides IT consulting services to companies. Most of his career, Gabe has successfully led IT teams to create value for businesses. Gabe has experience in both B2B and B2C with specific experience in consumer goods, software, government and political campaigns. You can follow Gabe on twitter at @TechOfTheHub or on Facebook at facebook.com/techofthehub.

Week In Review Links

  1. Verizon Raises Prices for NY FiOS TV Subscribers
  2. Sen. Schumer Questions Employers Seeking Facebook Data
  3. Gartner Group Finds NY 911 System Improvements $1 Billion Over Budget
  4. Apple’s iPad hits snag over 4G claims overseas
  5. OnStar Family Link service launched

Glass Houses – Seeing Inside Your Data

14 10 2010


New drives for notebooks roll off of factory lines

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We have a great live show on deck this week!  Phillip Rodokanakis joins Tom to scare the heck out of you just in time for Halloween.  We are talking Digital Forensics this week.  What kind of data can be recovered? Encrypted hard drives, deleted browsing history along with the piles and piles of information your smart phone and iPad is racking up on you.  To find out more, check out the SHOW PAGE.

So, people in glass houses should be careful what they do on a computer, but they should also have conferences.  And there is no better glass house than New York City’s Javits Center – the home of Interop New York 2010.   Along with coverage from the floor and sessions next week, we are also excited to have the show’s general manager Lenny Heymann call in to kick the conference off live on TechTalk!  Lenny will give an overview of the event and details about keynote speakers, sessions and some of the many exhibitors at this year’s event.

Along with the Interop Kick Off, our Week in Review has unicorn meat from the Wall Street Journal about a Verizon-ready iPhone, how your NYC subway ride is about to get more annoying and we’ll tell you all about a former water storage tank that was turned into a data center if we have the time. For the link to listen and the spot where the podcast will drop, head over to this week’s SHOW PAGE.