Whats next for Tech in 2013

13 01 2013

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This week Tom D’Auria and Mike Meikle of the Hawkthorne Group will discuss “What’s Next for Tech in 2013”. Tom and Mike will chat about Apple’s upcoming iPad 5, Microsoft’s answer to the tablet wars and how tech giants Sony and Microsoft plan to do battle on the video game console front. Mr. Meikle will also cover what the open source movement may have in store for the “cloud” and how this trend is even impacting consumer devices. Finally Tom and Mike will discuss how the chips that power all these gizmos are shrinking further and what it means for the average consumer. We’ll wrap up with the discussion with some final thoughts.

Consulting veteran Mike Meikle navigates the turbulent and murky world of management and information technology consulting. As an entrepreneur who has run two consulting firms, Corporate Consigliere Mike Meikle provides strategic, technological and management solutions for his clients. Mr. Meikle has over fifteen years of experience within the public and private sector across multiple industries. He has significant education and practical experience in strategic planning, risk, security, compliance and operations methodologies. Certifications he holds include Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Six Sigma Green Belt and a host of others. Mr. Meikle can be reached via his website at http://www.mikemeikle.com.

Week In Review Links

  1. [drag] Southwest Chelsea to Become First WiFi Neighborhood in Manhattan
  2. [drag] NYPD Launches New iPhone App for Citizens
  3. [drag] Artificially-loud electric car rules proposed to boost EV safety
  4. [drag] Microsoft confirms purchase of R2 Studios to push Xbox beyond gaming

Scratching the Surface

1 07 2012

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Microsoft has recently revealed their tablet answer to Apple’s dominate iPad, named the Surface. Based on the new Metro UI, and equipped with some slick touch keyboard covers, some believe this is a product that can compete strongly in the mobile market. One of those people is Russ Colburn.microsoft-surface

Russ Colburn is the owner of Colburn Consulting, Inc. located in Southern California. He’s been in IT since 1986, developing BBS platforms – the precursors to the Internet we know today. His company specializes in small and mid-size businesses, handling hardware, software and websites for enterprises specializing in e-commerce and healthcare. He’s been a Microsoft Partner for 6 years and has been developing Microsoft solutions for 13 years.

Week In Review Links

  1. The NY Times Comes to Flipboard
  2. New MTA Campaign Warns About Gadget Theft
  3. Free WiFi Comes to NY Subways
  4. Google provides peek at Internet-connected glasses, begins selling them to US programmers
  5. Study finds more iOS users view ads than on Android

Wait. What Happened?

17 01 2011
CES 2011 - Consumer Electronics Show - Las Veg...

Image by David Berkowitz via Flickr


Tom went to CES is what happened.  While he was there, he battled a cold to travel into the deepest depths of the North and South Halls.  This week, we have our first show coming out of the event. Check out the SHOW PAGE for the entire scoop.

Where was the producer all weekend?  I spent the weekend at Nashville GiveCamp – an event sponsored by Microsoft.  Read more about that on the national GiveCamp site or the local site for the event I attended.

We are excited to have Gabe Goldberg back on January 23 to talk about ‘Buying Tech at the Sweet Spot’ – be sure to put that on your calendar.

Back to the Cloud

4 11 2010
NYC Clouds

from Flickr user midweekpost. Used under Creative Commons.

The show will air Sunday at 1pm EST.  Due to sports coverage on KFNX, you can catch us even earlier on Sunday.

Here at TechTalk, we not only talk about the cloud – we rely on it.  We use WordPress.com for our website, Google for our imitechtalk.com mail and a plethora of other services that rely on the cloud – Twitter, bit.ly and Flickr come to mind at first thought.  While the majority of this data is data we want you to see, we want to be sure it will be there and safe from other people trying to pass along information as us.  What does all of that rely on? Security.

This week, Tom is joined by Craig Balding who was our very first Cloud Computing guest.  Craig will let us know what is going on with service providers, how security models are evolving and a new project he is developing. Find out more on the SHOW PAGE.  Don’t forget that the show will be on at 1pm EST …also don’t forget that time goes back an hour everywhere except Arizona.

Don’t forget that Friday, November 5 is GrowSmart Biz conference at the Renaissance Washington DC with friends at the Washington Business Journal.  Be sure to tell Shashi Bellamkonda hello if you see him…or just tweet him.

Speaking of conferences, we have two shows coming soon – one from the FLASH conference and one from our time at Interop.  Tom also had the chance to attend CPM 2010 EAST this week AND GovTech in Brooklyn.  We’ll get those on for you soon.

Another Face in the Cloud

24 09 2010
Looking into the cloud

from Flickr user Lomo-Cam

This week Michael Clark from Microsoft joins Tom to cover using the cloud as a business accelerator.  Head over to the [SHOW PAGE] to find out the details.

We’ve covered cloud computing for a while now.  As the technologies underlying the cloud and the related services have matured, so too has our coverage.  We first focused on ‘what is the cloud’.  And while that definition can still be a moving target depending who you ask, there is no doubt the cloud is no longer a buzzword.  Cloud computing not only delivers applications like email, it is evolving platforms that change the way you internet and changing the way IT services are delivered from small businesses to the largest enterprises (Guess who manages McDonald’s email? Autodesk, Nokia? California Emergency Management Agency?).   This pay as you go computing is also lowering barriers to enter applications into various markets.

Even if you are not sure if the cloud is right for you, it is the right time to look into the cloud.

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