Tips for Buying and Saving on This Year’s Top Tech Gifts

21 12 2011

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As wish lists grow ever longer by the year, so, it seems, do the wants and needs loved ones. When “mommy I wants” become more frequent, it’s imperative to consider what products to save for, how to save, and when to buy. Christmas is an unmistakable time of year, one characterized by busy streets, furrowed eyebrows, and the shrill cry of electronic anti-theft columns. Once plump wallets are quickly thinned and saving becomes a necessity. Fortunately, there are experts such as Sarah Platte who are knowledgeable on subject such as buying and saving… two topics that keep us adults scratching our heads when the bank statements arrive after the holidays.Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu.

Sarah Platte is a consumer savings expert for, who strives to teach shoppers how to get the best prices on everything from travel and electronics, to subscriptions and shoes. She was recently featured on Fox and ABC local news networks.

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Black-eyed peas to start the year off right

31 12 2010
New York Times Square New year celebrations in...

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This week, we bring you our 2010 GovTech coverage after a new Week In Review that includes a CES Kick-Off with Robin Raskin – find out more on the SHOW PAGE.  It’s our first show of the year, but we have luck on our side.

Most people from the south just accept black-eyed peas will be there at some point on New Year’s Day.  It is supposed to be lucky.  Sounds like a wiley turn of the century marketer with too many beans and snake oil.  But if finding out historical what-nottery is your thing, there are some links below with plenty of people telling you how it really started (ie what each read on Wikipedia).  I am sticking with the wiley marketer.  I am not sure how it started, but I can’t argue with tradition – especially when said tradition includes hog jowl for flavor.  If you don’t know what a jowl is…you probably do not want to know.  What does all of this have to do with anything?  Nothing much.  It just looks better when the boss clicks through to make sure the website is being updated if there are more words.  So, let’s all just keep real quiet and keep reading…you’ll get your tech fix. And that’s how the first World War really started. Thanks, Grampa.

Since 1967, The Consumer Electronics Show has wowed us and showed us the technology we would covet over the next year.  The show started in New York but migrated to Las Vegas after a period of two shows per year – one in the east and one in the west.  With whirlwind product cycles, the Internet, virtual conferences and shrinking T&E budgets, CES has done quite well to keep attracting the crowds.  A few notable debuts at CES include the VCR in 1970, the Laserdisc in 1974 (yes, SEVENTY FOUR!), HDTV in 1998 and many more… including a 10 year anniversary of the Xbox’s 2001 debut. Happy Birthday, Xbox!

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