Making your own Tech!

6 05 2012

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With open source hardware and a little bit of programming skill the sky is the limit on making your own cool Tech toys, tools or even do rapid prototyping of the next big thing!

GPS モジュール動いたっぽい

GPS モジュール動いたっぽい (Photo credit: Matoken)

You do not need to know a lot of electronics or even how to solder these are module based with touch screens and just about any type of sensor you can think of, from a GPS receiver to light and humidity sensors, cell phone transmitters, video cameras and input devices like joysticks and buttons.

Sean Westcott trained as an electronics technician and started his career as a bench tech at an industrial manufacturer of precision controls. He works in IT at MBP, Inc. in Fairfax.. He is the coauthor of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Electronics 101.

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