Enhancing Personal Safety though Technology

5 08 2012

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Technology can be used for so many things, but one thing that hasn’t been talked about as much is how it can improve your personal safety. In today’s society, people feel lost without their mobile phones, so they carry it with them at all times, but how can this new platform be used to enhance your personal well being? That what the people with React Mobile  are here to talk about with us today.SAFETY

Grant Wallace is co-founder of React Mobile LLC. He brings over a decade of experience in communications and systems design with the last seven years focused primarily on first responder and public safety markets. Wallace joins React Mobile from CoCo Communications where he serves as a Senior Engineer. He has a Masters degree and is a member with the IEEE. He also holds a number of industry technology certificates from Cisco, Microsoft, and others. His primary responsibilities to React Mobile is to oversee and steer the development and technologies used for their line of personal e-safety products.

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