How to Contract a Website Without Getting Ripped Off

27 06 2011

Image by aperture_lag via Flickr

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Contracting people to do website work can be stressful and its not that easy. It’s hard to know if you are getting ripped off, and its also just as hard to know if you are paying a good enough price that you are going to get quality work. Also, did you know there is a difference between a web designer vs. a web developer? Not to worry, Marianne Carlson is here to help us out.

Marianne Carlson is President of Emcie Media, a Web Design and Internet Marketing firm based in central Florida. Her book, Websites for Small Business, expresses her interest in helping entrepreneurs get the websites they need without getting ripped off. As a consultant and public speaker, Marianne shares her good advice in plain English with Small Business owners across America.

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