Social Media in the Enterprise

26 01 2014

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The challenges for large organizations to be social at global scale are nothing like those facing small and medium businesses. Join us as we chat with Jeremy Epstein, VP of Marketing at Sprinklr (, which provides the Social Relationship Infrastructure for some of the world’s largest, most social brands including Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Cisco, Virgin America, Hearst Digital, 800 Flowers, among nearly 400 others.

Prior to joining Sprinklr in February 2012, Jeremy was the Founder/CEO of Never Stop Marketing, an international consulting firm which served F50 clients such as Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. Jeremy served as the lead instructor for Microsoft’s global Digital and Social Marketing training programs. He has spoken in 17 different countries and worked in Frankfurt and Tokyo. Jeremy has a B.A. in History and a double minor in Economics & German from Johns Hopkins University and studied International Relations and Marketing in Germany and Japan.

Week In Review

  1. Military Vet Opens 3D Printing Store in Washington Heights
  2. Bitcoin gold rush hits New York City
  3. NY schools test ‘panic button’ app in wake of Sandy Hook
  4. Apple to fix ‘black/white screen of death’ bug that hits some iPhones
  5. Glyph Headset Surges Past $250K Kickstarter Goal In Hours

Effects of Social Media on the Psyche Part 2 – The Positives

25 08 2013

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Now, lets look at the brighter side of social media. What are the benefits we receive from being so well connected to each other? How does Social Media enrich our well being? This week Dr. Simon Rego is here with us to answer those questions.

Dr. Simon Rego is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience in using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Dr. Rego is Director of Psychology Training and the CBT Training Program at Montefiore Medical Center and is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in New York. For more information, you can visit his website at

Week In Review

  1. Amazon could be bringing grocery delivery to NYC…
  2. Facebook Leads an Effort to Lower Barriers to Internet Access
  3. iTunes Radio, Apple’s New Music Streaming Service, To Launch soon
  4. AT&T will round out 2013 with LTE in 420 cities and towns
  5. Almost orbital, solar-powered drone offered as “atmospheric satellite”

Effects of Social Media on the Psyche Part 1 – The Negatives

18 08 2013

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We begin our two part series examining the negative effect Social Media has on our thoughts, interactions, and feelings. Pandora MacLean-Hoover begins our conversation on something that is being talked about more and more.

Pandora MacLean-Hoover, LICSW, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice (Cambridge, MA). Her Awareness/Choice models for thinking differently are being used to create Brand of Self-Help Apps. Two of these, HornyGirlApp and Assess The Stress, will be available in the iTunes Store, October 2013.

Week In Review

  1. Judge Orders NYPD to Add Cameras to Officers’ Gear
  2. New York Looks to Regulate Bitcoin, Issues Subpoenas to BitInstant, Coinbase and Others
  3. More women finding jobs in tech sector
  4. New Apple iPhone not expected to have many changes
  5. Drync Is the Shazam for Wine

How Social Media is Changing Emergency Response

9 06 2013

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Since Hurricane Katrina, people have known that the big organizations just aren’t that great at responding to natural disasters quickly. There has been a gap between when the disaster strikes and when help gets to the victims. It’s not all their fault, the bigger an organization gets, the more levels of bureaucracy have to be navigated for any true action to happen. Social Media is beginning to and will continue to change all that. From case management and damage assessment to locating victims to fundraising, social media has been one of the only thing able to fill the gap.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that preparedness is still the key to an effective disaster response and communities that plan to integrate social media into their response will have a vast advantage. Join us as Abbey Dieteman alerts us on how social media is changing emergency response.

Abbey Dieteman is the co-founder of Dieteman Technology Consulting in Upstate NY where she helps small businesses integrate technology. She is also a Certified Disaster Early Responder and has responded in the wakes of Hurricanes Katrina, Irene, Lee, and Sandy.

Week In Review Links

  1. Girls are being left out of New York City schools’ high-tech revolution
  2. B-to-B startups get their own tech accelerator in Work—Bench
  3. D-Shape Promises To Modernize New York’s Shoreline Using 3D-Printing Technology
  4. Microsoft, FBI Take Down ‘Citadel’ Botnet Targeting Bank Info
  5. NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily

Generating Buzz with Social Media Marketing

24 02 2013

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Marketing through social media is completely different than traditional advertising, but if done right the brand buzz is significant, and the return on investment can’t be beat. Join us and friend of the show Tony Bradley to discuss this exciting new field.

Tony is a principal analyst with Bradley Strategy Group. He is a consultant, speaker, and prolific writer with a focus on technology from a business perspective. Tony has established a reputation for being able to translate “tech speak” into plain English, and for helping customers navigate trends in technology. He has been a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) for more than a decade, and he has been recognized by Microsoft as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for seven consecutive years.

Week In Review Links

  1. M.T.A. Adds Interactive Features to Online Subway Map
  2. Bloomberg Says No to Cellphones in Schools
  3. Off Broadway tries Facebook sales
  4. Tesla releases car’s log data to counter negative review by NYT
  5. Adobe confirms zero-day exploit bypasses Adobe Reader sandbox


Technology in Politics

2 09 2012

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Its that time of year again, election season. As we move closer and closer to that first Tuesday in November the candidates are doing more and more to win your vote. But how is technology playing a part in the election this year? Is social media becoming a big factor? Do candidates tweets’ matter? Join us as Tom discusses with Lee Boggs how Technology is playing a part in Politics.

Electronic Voting

Electronic Voting (Photo credit: nathangibbs)

Lee Boggs is an instructor of political marketing in the Integrated Marketing Communications department at West Virginia University and is the media services manager for a municipality. He has a master’s degree in media management from the University of Missouri and a bachelor’s in political science from Lander University. Lee has assisted political candidates with website design, social media implementation, voter outreach, fundraising and online communications in various campaigns. He is currently managing the online presence for a state candidate.

Week In Review Links

  1. WSJ Will Offer Free NY Wi-Fi Hotspots
  2. NY Kickstarts Low-Income Community Projects
  3. Bitinstant to Launch Bitcoin as Debit Card
  4. Apple rejects Drones+, app to track U.S. drone strikes
  5. Driverless cars get a push from California legislators
  6. Parallels 8 retuned for Mountain Lion, Windows 8

What does it take to change 30+ years of autocratic rule?

5 02 2011

Image by jacquichris via Flickr

140 characters? Well, not exactly but that puts us on the path to discovering that this opposition is not solely the result of Tunisia.  While it may be argued that was the final catalyst, Egypt’s voice of opposition has used social media for years.  Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and April 6th movement have learned many lessons in how to use social media tools effectively.  David Faris joins Tom this week to give us an in-depth look at the background of that movement and how it is culminating into actual change.

Jump to this week’s SHOW PAGE to find out more about the intersection social media networks and opposition in Egypt.

This week’s show was recorded on Friday afternoon.  If you have questions for us or David, you can send them through email (Tom will tell you in the show’s intro) or through Twitter.  We’ll be streaming from KFNX’s website Sunday, February 6 at 5pm EST | 3pm MST and have the edited podcast and Week In Review ready early in the week for download.