How Social Media is Changing Emergency Response

9 06 2013

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Since Hurricane Katrina, people have known that the big organizations just aren’t that great at responding to natural disasters quickly. There has been a gap between when the disaster strikes and when help gets to the victims. It’s not all their fault, the bigger an organization gets, the more levels of bureaucracy have to be navigated for any true action to happen. Social Media is beginning to and will continue to change all that. From case management and damage assessment to locating victims to fundraising, social media has been one of the only thing able to fill the gap.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that preparedness is still the key to an effective disaster response and communities that plan to integrate social media into their response will have a vast advantage. Join us as Abbey Dieteman alerts us on how social media is changing emergency response.

Abbey Dieteman is the co-founder of Dieteman Technology Consulting in Upstate NY where she helps small businesses integrate technology. She is also a Certified Disaster Early Responder and has responded in the wakes of Hurricanes Katrina, Irene, Lee, and Sandy.

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From Sustainable Supercomputing to Green Tech

12 05 2013

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When it comes to large-scale datacenters and supercomputers, the general perception is that these technologies are far out of reach to the common user, whether in the enterprise or consumer computing contexts. However, a number of trends in computing at the extreme scale are merging with “lower end” technologies, including “big data” and, of course, the cloud, to create a perfect storm for a complete computing revolution.

Along the way, there are some issues that need to be addressed, however, especially in terms of energy efficiency and technological barriers, including both the power and memory wall. This show will provide an overview of where we are at the extreme scale of computing and how the challenges present there now present a lens into the future of mainstream computing’s challenges in the future. Join us and Tom and Nicole Hemsoth discusses the issues.

Nicole Hemsoth is the Managing Editor of HPCwire–a publication that has been covering the global supercomputing community for almost 30 years.

Her perspective pulls from across the enterprise and research spectrum of high performance computing to address the system, application and performance-tuning elements of modern supercomputing facilities, architectures and user scenarios. As the supercomputing and enterprise computing communities begin to coalesce further, Hemsoth explores the ways in which HPC has moved more into the mainstream, while still recognizing the critical work that takes place at global research centers and universities.

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The Technology Tipping Point & The New World of Work

3 03 2013

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What is The New World of Work all about? Advancements in technology are transforming work platforms and talent-sourcing to revolutionize not just how and where work is performed, but the way business is being done. Tim Houlne, the author of a groundbreaking new book, The New World of Work: From the Cube to the Cloud, will describe the technology tipping point that’s driving this unstoppable phenomenon. Join us to learn why Tim says the New World of Work brings opportunities to succeed in a world with no boundaries, no buildings and no fear.

cloud connected,

cloud connected, (Photo credit: ashley rose,)

Tim Houlne is a visionary whose longstanding, futuristic predictions about the virtual workforce are now a reality. He recognizes and understands market trends, and uses that unique knowledge to transform industries across the business landscape. His understanding of the virtual workplace is unparalleled, and his drive to uncover new concepts is matched only by his passion for growing profitable businesses. Tim holds the position of CEO at Working Solutions, a premier virtual agent and technology solutions provider in Dallas, Texas.

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Next Generation Technology Trends in Retail

2 12 2012

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When it comes to retail technology solutions, old school cash registers might not be the technology you are looking for. Point of Sale industry veteran, Art Rosenbaum shares is Thoughts about next generation technologies that may or may not shape the retail industry in the next few years.

Point Four Touch Point of Sale Till

Point Four Touch Point of Sale Till (Photo credit: Cyberslayer)

Arthur Rosenbaum, whose senior level experience within the retail and restaurant point of sale industry spans over 30 years, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of New Haven Cash Register Company. The son of the original founder of the Company, Mr. Rosenbaum is widely admired for his expertise in utilizing POS and cash register technologies for the independent business owner. His fields of expertise include point of sale hardware and software integration, credit card processing, and payment card industry (PCI) regulatory compliance.

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Pros & Cons of Technology in Hiring

30 09 2012

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Monster, Jobster, LinkedIn oh my! Online resumes, and software to weed through them. How is all this technology affecting job searching? Is it all good, or is some of it bad? This week we have Mike Meikle to help us navigate through the pros and cons of technology in hiring.job hunting

Consulting veteran Mike Meikle navigates the turbulent and murky world of management and information technology consulting. As an entrepreneur who has run two consulting firms, Corporate Consigliere Mike Meikle provides strategic, technological and management solutions for his clients. Mr. Meikle has over fifteen years of experience within the public and private sector across multiple industries.

He has significant education and practical experience in strategic planning, risk, security, compliance and operations methodologies. Certifications he holds include Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Six Sigma Green Belt and a host of others. Mr. Meikle can be reached via his website at

Creating a Thriving Tech Community

17 08 2012



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What does it take to create a good community of techies? What resources do you need? Whats the best way to organize? If you have these same questions, then listen to our show with Liza Massey to learn what it takes to create a thriving tech community.Sponsor: Nashville Technology Council


In September 2011, Ms. Massey became the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Nashville Technology Council. Prior to joining NTC, Ms. Massey founded and led The CIO Collaborative, a management consulting firm serving the public sector. Ms. Massey is a former award-winning Columnist for Public CIO Magazine. With a commitment to higher education, Ms. Massey served as an Assistant Professor for the University of Maryland, University College, where she taught courses in information systems management. She also served as an adjunct professor in the Executive MBA program at University of Nevada, Las Vegas from 2005 – 2010.

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How to Get Geeks to Work for You

13 05 2012

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This week’s show is a conversation with Tom about the keys to success in technology. So many technology projects fail, and learned some key secrets to success in that world.

An Evening with the Fortune 500, May 7, 2012

An Evening with the Fortune 500, May 7, 2012 (Photo credit: Fortune Live Media)

Tom Cooper started his career in technology as a geek. He has a degree in computer science and for almost a decade ran Linux at home for all of his computing needs. He spent more than 20 years in technology, leading teams in building solutions for companies from startups to Fortune 500. He watched many projects and teams struggle and fail, so he set out to find out why. Along that journey he became an expert in how people work, and today wants to share some ideas about how to influence others with all of us.

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