Cyber Bullying

25 11 2012

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Known for her daring antics and outgoing personality, Ruth Carter is a licensed Arizona attorney. She owns Carter Law Firm in Phoenix where she focuses on intellectual property, social media law, business formation and contracts, and flash mob law. Ruth was selected as an American Bar Association Legal Rebel for her work in flash mob law in 2012. She released her first book this year, The Legal Side of Blogging: How Not to get Sued, Fired, Arrested, or Killed. When she’s not busy being a lawyer, Ruth is a co-founder of Improv AZ and volunteers with Ignite Phoenix. She was recently selected to speak on copyright in digital media at SXSW in 2013.

Cyber Bullied

Cyber Bullied (Photo credit: wentongg)

Week In Review Links

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  3. Jobs’s Spaceship-Like Apple Offices to Arrive Later Than Planned
  4. Google Fights UN Over New Treaty To ‘Increase Censorship’

Disaster Technology

18 11 2012

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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, IMI’s Tech Talk wants to focus on the technologies used in disaster situations. We’ve asked Robin Murphy to come share her knowledge on technologies involved in disaster situations.

Robin Murphy is the Raytheon Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M, an IEEE Fellow, and director of the Center for Emergency Informatics/Emergency Informatics EDGE® Innovation Center and the Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue. She received her PhD from Georgia Tech and conducts research in artificial intelligence and human-robot interaction for rescue robots under funding from agencies including NSF, DARPA, and ONR.

Image of Autonomous Robot From Second Grand Ch...

She has been honored with the Motohiro Kisoi Award (Japan), the Al Aube Outstanding Contributor Award (AUVSI), and an Eagle Award (NIUSR) for her insertion of ground, air, and sea robots for urban search and rescue at 15 disasters. Dr. Murphy has been named an Innovator in AI by TIME, an Alpha Geek by Wired, and one of the most influential women in technology by WIRED. She currently serves on the Defense Science Board.

Week In Review Links

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  3. Brooklyn Clothing Startup Lowers Costs via Web
  4. Crooks steal $1.5M in iPads from JFK
  5. iOS 6.0 bug causes audio streams to download multiple times, can cause data overages

The Co-Evolution of Humans and Machines

4 11 2012

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You may have heard of Ray Kurzweil talk about AI and the coming Singularity, but what is it? How are machines evolving, or better yet, are they evolving? We have so many questsions, so we have invited Dr. Paul Horn to come enlighten us.

Dr. Paul M. Horn is the Senior Vice Provost for Research and Distinguished Scientist in Residence at New York University. Prior to his NYU position he was Senior Vice President of the IBM Corporation and Executive Director of Research. In this job he directed IBM’s worldwide Research program with 3200 technical employees in eight sites in five countries around the world, and helped guide IBM’s overall technical strategy. In his 28 years with IBM, Dr. Horn was a champion for translating technology based research into marketplace opportunities.

kurzweil - P1020559

kurzweil – P1020559 (Photo credit: ario_)

Under his leadership IBM Research produced an unmatched string of technological breakthroughs, including the chess-playing supercomputer Deep Blue, the world’s first copper chip, the giant magneto-resistive head (GMR), strained silicon (a discovery that allows chips to run up to 35 percent faster), and BlueGene the world’s fastest supercomputer that brought computing leadership back to the United States.

Week In Review Links

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  3. Android scores 75% of market share in Q3, says research firm IDC
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