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10 02 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada at Night (NASA, Internationa...

Image by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center via Flickr

Along with Interop and Contingency Planning & Management 2011 West in Vegas, we are also looking to the west for the frontier this week.  Not the one where little doggies get along, but the ever closer mobile customer movement.  Everyday people are added to the smartphone craze.  They turn on apps that know where they are, what they like …and present a growing opportunity to offer them deals. People are happy to tell you a $400 phone just saved them $.99 on a burrito. Good for them.

Josh Schiffman is on this week to prep business owners on what people are doing with those phones and connected devices, what they are looking for, and ways to identify if this is a strategy for your business to pursue.

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What does it take to change 30+ years of autocratic rule?

5 02 2011

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140 characters? Well, not exactly but that puts us on the path to discovering that this opposition is not solely the result of Tunisia.  While it may be argued that was the final catalyst, Egypt’s voice of opposition has used social media for years.  Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and April 6th movement have learned many lessons in how to use social media tools effectively.  David Faris joins Tom this week to give us an in-depth look at the background of that movement and how it is culminating into actual change.

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We’ll never tell…

10 12 2010

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Ok, we will tell.  2010 brought some great guests to TechTalk.  So many, we have some great conference coverage from the last couple of months bring the year to a close.

This week, we are excited to bring you a new Week In Review followed by our coverage of this year’s INTEROP NYC. Check out the SHOW PAGE for more info.

As for the rest of the year, we will air coverage from Contingency Planning and Management 2010 East, Federal Alliance of Safe Homes (or FLASH) and start 2011 the same way we started 2010 – with our NY Government Technology Forum coverage from the Brooklyn Marriott.

That’s all we can tell you for now.  We don’t want to spoil the surprise.

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Interop New York 2010 Kick Off

18 10 2010

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Jacob K. Javits Convention Center as seen from...

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Interop at the Javits Center in New York City this week.  Lenny Heymann, the show’s General Manager, was on this week’s show with Tom.  Find out about this week’s keynote speakers, sessions not to miss and details on big announcements at this week’s conference.  Tracks for this week’s show include Application Delivery 2.0, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Green IT, Enterprise 2.0, Video Conferencing and more (See All).

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Glass Houses – Seeing Inside Your Data

14 10 2010


New drives for notebooks roll off of factory lines

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We have a great live show on deck this week!  Phillip Rodokanakis joins Tom to scare the heck out of you just in time for Halloween.  We are talking Digital Forensics this week.  What kind of data can be recovered? Encrypted hard drives, deleted browsing history along with the piles and piles of information your smart phone and iPad is racking up on you.  To find out more, check out the SHOW PAGE.

So, people in glass houses should be careful what they do on a computer, but they should also have conferences.  And there is no better glass house than New York City’s Javits Center – the home of Interop New York 2010.   Along with coverage from the floor and sessions next week, we are also excited to have the show’s general manager Lenny Heymann call in to kick the conference off live on TechTalk!  Lenny will give an overview of the event and details about keynote speakers, sessions and some of the many exhibitors at this year’s event.

Along with the Interop Kick Off, our Week in Review has unicorn meat from the Wall Street Journal about a Verizon-ready iPhone, how your NYC subway ride is about to get more annoying and we’ll tell you all about a former water storage tank that was turned into a data center if we have the time. For the link to listen and the spot where the podcast will drop, head over to this week’s SHOW PAGE.

Video in Business – Where it is and where it is going

26 08 2010
Light show!

Alejandro Hernandez. Used under Creative Commons License

This week, Sean McMann will be on the show to talk about video in business and where it is going. Visit the SHOW PAGE to find out more and bookmark the page so you can download the edited show early next week.  Along with tidbits on how to use it to your advantage, Sean will provide some of the options out there to make video a reality.

We’ll start with Tom covering holes in the energy grid you can drive a USB stick through, the iPhone security flaw that allows you to break the spell of your Apple and AT&T overlords, guess who wants to handle you medical records and much more in our Week in Review.  If our first story on the gaping holes in the energy grid’s security don’t get you worried, here is how the weakest link in the DoD opened the barn door for hackers.  That being said, the government has realized that we are far behind the expected upcoming demand for cyberwarriors, so they opened a summer camp.

The Future is Now & Month at the Museum

19 07 2010

by madmolecule via Flickr

Did you hear the show on Sunday?  If you missed it or heard it and want to follow-up on any of our stories or our guest, David Milliron, the show is ready for download and all the links from the Week In Review are ready to go [SHOW PAGE].

Another week is ahead.  If you are ready for a sabbatical but want to spend your down time taking in some culture, do we have a deal for you?

Think you have what it takes to spend 30 nights in a museum? (Note – all jokes related to a recent movie with similar title have officially been exhausted).  The Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago wants to know if you have what it takes to stay at the museum and report your findings/adventures/etc.  Dubbed ‘Month at the Museum’, the winner will report on their stay, do some interviews and be a general PR machine for the museum (already working – lots of people talking about it).  In return, the winner receives $10K and keeps all the gadgets (including a notebook and camera).  Think you can do it?  Check out the application if you are ready to apply.  Funny note – I had not heard of the museum until looking for pictures to use on the blog last week when I stumbled across the picture used on the last post.  Had it not been for that find, I may have cruised over the story with the museum’s name in the article’s title. And if nothing else, it has peaked my geek interest – and now I want to go to there.

We’ll be back later in the week with the details on our next show.  See cool tech stories you think we should follow or pass along – send them to us on twitter or by email.  Get those stories, recommended guests and other feedback (how’s the Museum of Science & Industry?) to @imitechtalk on twitter or web AT imitechtalk DOT com.  Have a geek week!

May 9 – Technologies for Critical Incident Preparedness (TCIP)

9 05 2010
[LISTEN/DOWNLOAD] to our coverage of the TCIP 2010 in Philadelphia which includes live interviews with vendors and presenters from the show. Tom’s live interviews from the floor follow a very special Week In Review.


  • International Association of Firefighters – [JUMP]
  • National Tactical Officers Association – [JUMP]
  • Chain Bridge Technologies – [JUMP]
  • Expect Software (Intelligence Based Incident Management System) – [JUMP]
  • Dennis Rubin – Fire Chief – District of Columbia – [JUMP]
Week In Review
  • History of Mother’s Day – [ JUMP ]
  • Times Square Response – [ JUMP ]
  • Oil Spill Cleanup Tech – [ JUMP ]
  • AZ Immigration Debate – [ JUMP ]
  • Census Technologies – [ JUMP ]

Steve Ballmer in Nashville – bits and bytes from hats and boots?

21 01 2010

Fresh off his ten year anniversary as CEO, Steve Ballmer moved through Nashville spreading his excitement and promoting Microsoft as a partner and reminded us that Microsoft hasn’t rolled over and still has plenty of BING!…I mean moxie. Sorry about that, Steve will hit you with a BING out of nowhere.

Along with the big announcement to partner with Nashville based HCA in donating $1.25 million to nonprofits in the area that’s primary focus is healthcare, the Ballmer buzz moved in and around Nashville from event to event throughout the day.
A busy day of events started with a student meet and greet [UPDATE: with a kid that had to poke the bear] and the keynote for the Nashville Technology Council’s (NTC) Membership Breakfast hosted by Trevecca Nazarene University. Mayor Karl Dean touted the recently approved convention center and plans for a first of its kind 12-story medical mart while stressing the importance of technology and healthcare to Nashville’s future. Former CIO magazine Editor in Chief and current business technology analyst, editor and speaker Abbie Lundberg forecasted a continued thaw in IT budgets along with the highlighting CIO’s struggle to squeeze efficiencies out of what resources they have now while planning for the growth they need for the future.

With twice the attendance as last year, NTC’s President and CEO Tod Fetherling addressed the room of 800+ about the organization’s website rebranding, Techville.us and their T3 Initiative. Other feather’s in NTC’s hat include raising membership by 18%, sponsoring a free outside wifi network in downtown Nashville, and helping establish an Entrepreneurial Center – a first for the city.
The breakfast culminated with Steve Ballmer’s keynote. Stating people are likely to overestimate technology in the short term and underestimate its possibilities in the long term, he assured the crowd that Microsoft is positioning itself to be a strong player and leader across the technology board. He illustrated opportunity being everywhere pointing to the Microsoft employees in the room who were still using pen and paper to take notes. He touched on the company’s “3 screens and a cloud” vision of the future, crowd pleasing Project Natal and referred to bing as the little search engine that could. He even made light of its 50% increase in market share…from a total of 7-10% of total search engine market share.
After a busy day of events and panels and BING, a laid back ‘Microsoft meets Music Row’ event awarded some of Microsoft’s local partners in the music industry for their projets over the past year. United Artists Records’ artist portals using MS webslice technology, singer Dolly Parton’s webslices and multiple apps made with CMA to increase its interaction with attendees at its annual CMA Music Festival where some of the award highlights. Steve commended Nashville’s own Firefly Logic several times as the type of creative partner Microsoft needs to continue to be a force in the tech industry. Recording artists Lee Brice, Bomshel and Rodney Atkins each played a couple of songs after Microsoft donated a custom, signature filled Xbox Rock Band guitar to CMA. CMA plans to auction the guitar and donate the proceeds to charity.
There was definitely an electricity in the air other than the occasional lightening strike. It could have been the excitement of having a ‘tech rock star’ like Steve Ballmer come to town, the promise of a capital infusion to local healthcare nonprofits, lofty expectations for a new convention center or a first of its kind medical mart. However, those in the Nashville tech community know that electricity is always around, and it is only getting stronger as Nashville sets the course for a future in the south that moves away from agriculture and manufacturing to a state of the art, leader in technology and healthcare…to solidify its rebranding as the Healthcare Silicon Valley and the transition to bits and bytes. The hats and boots aren’t going anywhere yet – they are just getting bluetooth and built-in wifi.

March 15- Week In Review & Home Security Links

16 03 2009

We hope you all enjoyed the show about home security with our guest Gabe Goldberg. Gabe and Tom covered both high and low tech steps to making your house more secure including information on who to contact for a free walkthrough assessment of your home security.

Read on for our Week In Review links and the links Gabe talked about last night.
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And here is some more news that we brought to you on Sunday in the Week in Review:

  • Apple Redesigned iPod Shuffle hits 4 GB, talks to you- Engadget- [JUMP]
  • More Time Spent Social Networking than Email- PC Mag- [JUMP]
  • Arizona Cardinals Score Technology Touchdown- E Week- [JUMP]
  • Axispoint Selected by Microsoft to Launch First Ever Solution Briefing Center in New York City- PR News- [JUMP]
  • Windows Mobile Marketplace to Skim 30%, Promises App Approval Transparency- Gizmodo- [JUMP]

From the show:

Upcoming Conferences:

Web 2.0 Expo 2009San Francisco March 31- April 3

2009 will be a tough year in many ways, but now more than ever, the core concepts of Web 2.0 provide an advantage. Lightweight tools, user interfaces, and development models will help streamline productivity and focus resources; new business models will emerge out of the environment of change. Transparency and openness will help avoid disasters and extend our influence, as we learn to trust users as co-developers. Marketers can’t afford to ignore the value of social media, communities, and a new set of analytics. On an individual, team, company, and global level, this is the year we will choose to work on what matters.
And while the fundamentals of Web 2.0 become increasingly relevant and urgent, this is also the time to look ahead. The landscape today enables interactions that were not possible even two years ago, as the devices around us and the data they generate evolve rapidly. Tomorrow’s big ideas are quietly percolating now, in the aisles of major retailers, the back office of enterprises, and in the labs of passionate, independent-minded hackers. We’ll explore the future potential of Web 2.0, so when this storm passes, you’ll be ready.
The web as a platform has shown us a new direction. Now is the time to answer the call and make its principles real in your organization, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a brand new startup. These are the times when the most interesting things will happen.

Thanks for tuning in and we hope to see you here again soon!