Week In Review – November 23, 2008

24 11 2008

Starting with this week’s Week In Review, the stories covered in that portion of our program will come to you as a new post. Up until now, Week In Review stories were posted as an [UPDATE] to the post with the show’s details, like here. Enjoy

On last night’s show with Michael Clark discussing Software & Services.

Nov 23 WIR:

December 7th – Week In Review

20 11 2008

Thanks to everyone that tuned into the show last night. As promised, here is the week in review:

Check back later in the week for details for the Sunday, December 14th show. Both the December 14th and December 21st shows are geared for gear.

December 14 @ 3pm MST/5pm EST
Ben Patterson*, the Gadget Hound, from Yahoo! Tech with the Holiday Gadget Gala.

December 21 @ 3pm MST/5pm EST
Keith Shaw of Network World will join Tom with the Cool Yule Tools for the Holidays and highlight some of his Rock & Roll Fantasy Tech Pics.

*The latest from Ben is that “thousands” of Wii’s are at Walmart.com. Here at TechTalk, we do not recommend the Wii. But that is only due to the fact Tom told us the two hours per day scheduled for “Wii Testing” was no longer acceptable.

Nov 23 with Michael Clark – Software & Services

19 11 2008

Michael Clark, West Region General Manager Midmarket Customer for Microsoft, will join Tom to discuss Microsoft’s vision for the future of computing – software plus services.

The IT industry is in the midst of a computing transformation, where key applications and experiences are delivered more frequently via the Web. Michael will discuss why it’s important for businesses and consumers to have choice and flexibility in how they consume software and why a blended/hybrid approach like software plus services provides users with the optimal computing experience. Additionally, Michael will comment on the strategic use of IT and how certain innovations can help organizations drive down costs and improve operations in uncertain economic times.

Tune in Sunday at 3pm in Phoenix on the radio and everywhere else at 2pm PST/5pm EST on http://www.1100kfnx.com

Spoiler Alert – We have some great shows to end 2008

14 11 2008

Not only will Dick Davies be on this week to enlighten all of you on Web 2.0, we have stuffed November and December’s schedule like mom’s Thanksgiving turkey.

Next week, Michael Clark from Microsoft will talk with Tom
about Software & Services. More on this early next week.

Holiday Gift Guides in December – Tom will bring you two weeks of cameras, cellphones, handhelds, laptops and every other item on the geek’s list who is near and dear to you.

The Gadget Hound, Ben Patterson for Yahoo! Tech will join us in December to let us know his picks for the season. Our TechTalk staff has also put together some reviews …it is a tough job but someone has to test all the new software, hardware and gadgets.

Keith and his pals at NetworkWorld published their gift guide not too long ago. He will be on the show to tell us about it and other gift ideas, but it is ok to peek. For all of you that get tired of words without pictures, here is some TV to hold you over until you get back to hulu. NetworkWorld does their Week In Review on Friday to keep you up to date until Sunday.

There will not be a quiz, but keep an eye out for the CES Preview, RoboLegManbot from Honda & The Mars Lander tweeted its last tweet before freezing to death due to Martian winter temperatures. The twitter account has since been deleted…too bad. Would be nice to leave up. I am sure it lives on somewhere.

11/14 Week In Review from NetworkWorld.tv

For those that made it this far, rumor has it TechTalk is going to team with CNET to start your 2009 “Listen to every TechTalk this year” resolution off right. Tom also privied the producer to some exclusive interviews from some prominent NYC IT professionals. If you are good and listen every week, we might air them before Christmas. We might make them available here only. We like to keep you guessing…and I have to ask Tom.

We’ll be on the air this Sunday, 11/16 at 3pm in Phoenix and 5pm in NYC ….noon in Hawaii, and 7am Monday morning if you are in Tokyo. Sorry, Craig, we are on at 11pm in Budapest. It is okay if you get the show from the archive. Thanksfor the clock, iPhone. Watch out iPhone, it looks like there is a Storm a brewin’ and it will be here next week!

Nov 16 – Dick Davies – Web2.0

11 11 2008

Dick Davies joins Tom to tell you about Web2.0 …what is it? where did it come from? where is it going? All this and more on Sunday at our regular time.

Check back Monday for the Week In Review.

[Update 11/17]

Sharing the Love2.0 – DeepFriedBytes & HerdingCode w/ Jeff Atwood

11 11 2008

Recent guest Jeff Atwood and some of his cronies on the DeepFriedBytes Technology Podcast. It is also pretty cool that the episode is split into two parts – read the details for …well, the details.

Jeff Atwood, Kevin Dente, Jon Galloway and Scott Coon

Details: Keith and Woody grabbed a few other podcasters to have a roundtable discussion on the last day of Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference in October 2008. The discussion was very lively and after you listen to this first part head over to the Herding Code podcast to listen to the conclusion of the discussion from PDC.

Nov 9 – Dave Crenshaw – The MYTH of Multitasking

7 11 2008

This week, Dave Crenshaw joins us to let us know why we need to take multitasking off our resume and focus on one thing at a time.

Find out more at:

Come back Monday for the Week In Review

[UPDATE 11/10: Week In Review]

  • Why Netbooks Will Soon Cost $99 – [slashdot]
  • Dell affirms plans to integrate white space radios into future wares [engadget]
  • Bionic hand makes inventions list [BBC News]
  • CNN debuts hologram technology to beam people in 3-D [Google Popular Tech News]
  • 3 Smart Things About Time Zones [Wired]
  • A Huge Cache of Stolen Financial Data [NY Times]

This week, we will have Dick Davies on covering Web 2.0 and What it means for you!

Be sure to tune in a 3pm MST | 5pm EST through our website