Do you have the guts to look at your gadget’s guts?

24 02 2011
LA Eastern Time Zone

Ever wondered how they arrange all the pieces of your smart phone inside such a small space? What about fixing the screen on your computer or phone? Well that’s what Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit – a collaborative repair community and parts retailer, is here to talk about this week. Fixing electronics yourself is something that just about anybody can do, and will save you money as well as give yourself a bit of confidence. Not to mention, that you can feel good about helping the environment by helping eliminate waste.

Jump to this week’s SHOW PAGE to find out more about teardowns, do-it-yourself electronic repair, and of course the week in review for technology news.


Back to the floor for more CES 2011

19 02 2011
CES 2011 - Consumer Electronics Show - Las Veg...

Image by David Berkowitz via Flickr


With all that talk of conferences last week, we decided to head back to the CES  2011 footage to bring you the best consumer products.  Check out the SHOW PAGE for details about Tom’s interviews with some of the biggest names on the floor at this year’s show.  3D TVs – check. Connected appliances – check. A Watson of your very own – we are working on it.

We have some great shows coming up over the next month.  Tony Bradley and Gabe are slated to drop in before too long along with new guests and topics.

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Finding the sweet spot

20 01 2011
Comcast Center, the headquarters of Comcast - ...

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The sports’ metaphor about the ‘sweet spot’ is being extended to your gadgets this weekend.  Computers, phones and USB grills can all be bought when they first come out, but there is an ‘early adopter’ tax.  And you might get a great deal on a laser disc player but won’t find the newest releases on Amazon or have luck at a Redbox.  Somewhere in the middle is the Goldilocks sweet spot – not too high, not too low.

Find out more about the Sweet Spot on the SHOW PAGE.

Other tech news this week includes Comcast and NBC merging to own both Park Place and Boardwalk (along with most of the Railroads), Google Voice will port your number and other signs of the apocalypse to be covered in the Week In Review.

Here are some stories to keep you busy until we are on this Sunday at 5pm EST | 3pm MST.

A KERnel-copia of information!

24 11 2010
Thanksgivingus Dinnerimus

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That’s not the first and probably won’t be the last Thanksgiving reference you hit on the web in the next few days*.  It does sit in a sliver-sized union on the ‘Thanksgiving’ and ‘UNIX’ Holiday/Computer Reference Venn diagram I made.  Speaking of references, this week’s show ‘BROWSER WARS‘ is ripe for them.  For your sake, I am saving those all for the SHOW PAGE because Tom Gutnick is on the show this week talking BROWSER WARS on Sunday, November 28 at 5pm EST | 3pm MST.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in radio land and on the other side of the intertubes! See the previous sentence, this one, the blog post title and below titles that did not make the cut as examples how single exclamation points are where it’s at! Two is bit much and three is just trying too hard.

*Other blog post titles that did not make the cut:

  • This Week on IMI’s TurkeyTalk
  • A show you will gobble up!
  • Hey there, Pilgrim!
  • Listen up, Turkeys!
  • This week’s show is aMAIZEn!

DM us on Twitter @imitechtalk to let us know what you really think.

Lastly, if you are going to be in Brooklyn on Dec 11 or 12, Punching a Panda really relieves the stress.  If you made it this far, here are some articles to get you moving on your way now…

Tis the season – to be Mary

19 11 2010
January 3, 1863 cover of Harper's Weekly, one ...

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Mary!? That’s my name!

There are many classic holiday stories that mean different things to different people. Over the next weeks, we will have time to reflect on those cherished stories and traditions with friends and family.  First up on the list is Thanksgiving

Along with Thanksgiving comes the holiday shopping season and Black Friday, so we have Keith Shaw on this week to talk about NetworkWorld’s gift guide, 2010 Cool Yule Tools.

For a link to the full guide and to find out what Tom and Keith will be covering, check out the SHOW PAGE.

Don’t forget that Santa is watching and that we will be on at 1pm EST this weekend on 1100 KFNX.

Brand Buzz, Holiday Head’s Up & Outlook Foundation

12 11 2010
Mission: STS-41-B Film Type: 70mm Title: Views...

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Ever feel like your floating in brand purgatory?  Not sure what your customers want or how they really feel about your products and services?

One good way to get a brand buzz? Surveys.  Find out more about using surveys on this week’s show with Chelsea Bucoy from Zoomerang on the SHOW PAGE to generate buzz for your brand.

Head’s up – Next week is our annual show with Keith Shaw from NetworkWorld.  Just in time for the holiday shopping season to start on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ll have Keith on to help you satisfy all those technophiles on your list …or make your own list of what you have to have this year.

And finally, we also wanted to let you know about:

Computer Outlook Talk Show Announces Foundation to Repurpose Computers to Under-Resourced Children and Families of Deployed Service Personnel

Non-Profit Outlook Foundation’s mission to repurpose cast away technology into the hands of those who need them most

Computer Outlook Talk Show announced the launch of the Outlook Foundation, a non-profit organization created to refurbish and repurpose computers; providing them to children whose economic background prevents them from having equal educational opportunities, as well as to deployed US service personnel and their stateside families in an effort to help maintain communication with loved ones. Beyond helping children and our service families, Outlook Foundation will also use its resources to reduce the amount of hazardous technology waste in landfills by recycling remaining technology through certified organizations.

Video in Business – Where it is and where it is going

26 08 2010
Light show!

Alejandro Hernandez. Used under Creative Commons License

This week, Sean McMann will be on the show to talk about video in business and where it is going. Visit the SHOW PAGE to find out more and bookmark the page so you can download the edited show early next week.  Along with tidbits on how to use it to your advantage, Sean will provide some of the options out there to make video a reality.

We’ll start with Tom covering holes in the energy grid you can drive a USB stick through, the iPhone security flaw that allows you to break the spell of your Apple and AT&T overlords, guess who wants to handle you medical records and much more in our Week in Review.  If our first story on the gaping holes in the energy grid’s security don’t get you worried, here is how the weakest link in the DoD opened the barn door for hackers.  That being said, the government has realized that we are far behind the expected upcoming demand for cyberwarriors, so they opened a summer camp.

December 21 Show’s Week in Review & Part 2 of Our TechTalk Gadget Review

22 12 2008

Week In Review from December 21 only had two news stories so we could make time for all the great gift ideas we had from our staff and Ben Patterson

Here are the two stories from the Wall Street Journal Online edition Tom suggested:

  • What’s in a name, More and more a number – Carl Bialik [LINK]
  • The Way We Will Watch – Wall Street Journal – Sarah McBride [LINK]

Last week, we brought you our first installment of product coverage for the 2008 holiday season.We reviewed the
Cardscan for Mac, the Pathfinder TSA CheckPoint Friendly Compu-brief and the WildCharge charging mat.

This week we bring you a couple of very different digital frames.

The first was the DPF 1411 model, 14.1 inch from Westinghouse. With such a large display, the software on the device is able to show either full frame of one picture or split into three it using Westinghouse’s MosaicView™ technology. This technology shows three of the pictures at the same time with a vertical and two horizontal. Though the Westinghouse model only has 128 MB of internal memory, it is compatible with most memory card format (including SD, CompactFlash and even XD from Olympus). It will display JPEGs, A.V.I motion JPEG, MPEG 1 & 4 file formats. The frame is at home on the shelf and is wall mountable. Though, you will still have a power supply cord hanging down if you hang it on the wall.

Picture quality is similar to other models, but the extra screen real estate brings the suggested retail above $200. We did find it on a few sites between $160 – 180.

The next digital frame we tried was eStarling’s Impact 7. How is it so different from the Westinghouse? The biggest difference is the Impact does not have anywhere to put your storage device …of any kind. The way the eStarling frame works is wirelessly. This means the first thing you have to do is set it up on your wireless network. Then, you go to their website, sign up for an account and you are given an email address. Then you email your new address the pictures you want on the frame. You can also set the frame up to read feeds using RSS (like you use to download the TechTalk podcast).

The Impact retails for around $100. If you are an avid flickr or Photstream user, separated from from a friend/family member or want to put one in your reception area at your business, then the Impact 7 from eStarling is a very viable choice.

Finally, the belle of TechTalk’s 2008 Holiday Gift Product Tests comes to us from Otterbox.

The OtterBox 7030 laptop case is described on OtterBox’s site as Waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof, dirtproof protection. High impact Polypropylene construction for maximum strength. Shock-absorbing Elastomer corner bumpers. This case includes a shoulder strap, and a removable file folder accessory for files, pens, business cards and more.

We simply call it one mean motor-scooter. Not only is it lockable, it also has …wait for it…automatic pressure equalization in case it is submerged in water. The OtterBox is rated ‘MIL-STD 810F’ and IP67. Those equate to approximately 30 minutes in one meter of water. We did not test this feature. We have to take their word on it until we get a bigger budget.

It comes with customizable bumpers to ensure a snug fit for your laptop. We should note is it will not fit all laptops. Please check the site to make sure yours will fit. There is no give. It do or it don’t.

There is not much more to say about this case. It is simple. It is tough. It is a must have for mobile workers in extreme conditions – sandhogs, we are talking to you. Weighing in a just under seven pounds for the case only, it is not the lightest in the market. But, we are also pretty sure the doors at Fort Knox are not light either. In conclusion,

We also tried out Otterbox’s iPhone case. The case retails for around $50. Considering it is water resistant and tough as nails, you can look at that as a $50 insurance policy for your device. It is also the best looking case we have seen for those that clip the phone to the belt. It has all of the same characteristics of the laptop case. They have PDA cases for iPhone, Treos, iPods, iPaqs and more on the way. We are not saying this is the toughest case on the face of the earth, but we are saying let us know if you find one that is tougher.

You can find all of these at and most likely in the offices of MI6. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Whatever it is, we are not worried about breaking it or whatever it encases.

The staff would like to thank Kristin at Otterbox, Michael for Westinghouse and Jessica from eStarling for all their help getting these products to test out.

TechTalk Product Review – WildCharge: Stay in Charge of Your Battery

19 12 2008

We first saw the WildCharge in an article from David Pogue at the NY Times (and a video).

This intrigued us to try it for ourselves.

As seen below and on the WildCharge site, the WildCharge comes with a pad adorned with metallic strips. When the phone (with the adapter) is placed on the mat, the 4 small posts on the back of the case make contact with the mat and begin the charge.

Picture from WildCharge Products page.

The mat is smart enough to detect human fingers. No electroshock therapy here. If a person touches multiple strips, the device shuts off.

Our use proved to be …well, just as expected. We did not run scientific stopwatch tests , but the WildCarge charged our BlackBerry’s in around the same time it takes the wall charger. We did not notice any difference in the length of time the phone stayed charged.

As of now, there are a few cases for phones. Motorola Rzrs (some models. see site for details), BlackBerry Curve & Pearl are the only models with cases available now. iPhone cases are planned for the first part of 2009 and WildCharge is also planning to expand their offerings to video games as well.

We’ll let you make the call on this. If you already have a case you like or don’t want a case in general, this may not be for you. If you are always running out of battery because you forget to plug in your phone, then you may have found your soul mat.

The mat will run you around $65 and each case comes in at around $35

December 21 – Ben Patterson – 2008 Gadget Gala

18 12 2008

Ben Patterson, Yahoo! Tech’s Gadget Hound joins Tom to discuss gadgets and gizmos of 2008 and his picks for this year’s holiday season. Cellphones, HDTVs & gaming consoles are on the list of topics for this weekend. As well as a list of the top searched gadgets of 2008 from Yahoo! Search.

Check back Monday for the product reviews and tech news you can use from the Week In Review.

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