Do you have the guts to look at your gadget’s guts?

24 02 2011
LA Eastern Time Zone

Ever wondered how they arrange all the pieces of your smart phone inside such a small space? What about fixing the screen on your computer or phone? Well that’s what Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit – a collaborative repair community and parts retailer, is here to talk about this week. Fixing electronics yourself is something that just about anybody can do, and will save you money as well as give yourself a bit of confidence. Not to mention, that you can feel good about helping the environment by helping eliminate waste.

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What’s that you say? You don’t say?

16 09 2010
Customer Service Centre

Image by xcode via Flickr

Unless you live off the grid with your dog by the river, there is a good chance you have had run ins with customer service at one time or another.  Whether it is one of the big guys like AT&T, Comcast or a local business, you have outlets to resolve service issues.  Most companies will work with you to solve your problem, but what if you are dealing with one that will not?  Then you need to tune into our show with Gabe Goldberg this Sunday [SHOW PAGE].  Gabe and Tom will talk about Creative Griping after our Week in Review.

Speaking of our Week In Review – you’ll find out why you are paying so much for broadband (Still), why it is likely an engineer along with who is suing Google (well…at least one company that should be sued by Kareem Abdul Jabbar for taking the name of his signature shot) and much more.

If you can’t tune in for the live show on Sunday at 3pm MST | 6pm EDT, be sure to drop by next week for the edited show and links to all of our Week in Review stories.

Location, Location, Location

20 08 2010

location, location, location, location, etc.
There’s a ton of geolocation aware app news out there.  We’d like to say we planned this show to coincide with this, especially Facebook’s new Places release.  But that would be like Facebook saying the Places icon is not an implicit smack in the face to the biggest geolocation app out there right now, foursquare.  We are not the only ones who have noticed this…so does TechCrunch among others.

This Sunday, our guest Chris Hulls explains what geolocation apps are, what they are good for and how to get the most out of them.  Check out the SHOW PAGE to find out more and be sure to tune in Sunday.  If you are unable to listen, we’ll have Week In Review links along with the edited show available for download early next week.

November 30 – Airing at 1 PM EST/11 AM MST TODAY

1 12 2008

TechTalk aired a little later than usual last night due to a basketball game on 1100 KFNX. For those of you that did not catch it, it is going to air at 1 PM EST / 11 AM MST today. Tune in around Phoenix or dial us in on your browser.

Raju Vegesna of Zoho will join Tom to discuss the movement of productivity applications like word processors and spreadsheets are moving from the desktop to the browser. Along with the standard apps, you can also manage HR, Projects, invoices, wikis, your centralized share and, and …an ever growing number of applications. Just look at the menu to choose from at Zoho’s site.

Nov 30 Week In Review

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September 14 with Gabe Goldberg – "Moving in a Wired World"

10 09 2008

Along with our week in review, we welcome back Gabe Goldberg who will prepare us for “Moving in the Wired World”.

Join us for Sunday at 6pm EDT (3 MST) on KFNX 1100 AM in the Phoenix listening area. Outside the broadcast area, you can also KFNX’s website.

Come back Monday for links to the Week in Review articles from the technology industry and an exciting post on the California Academy of Sciences new home in Golden Gate Park that some of our crew were lucky enough to tour at the end of August.

Here are links to the upcoming events at the CAS mentioned on TechTalk
Green Tie Gala – September 25th
CAS Opening Weekend – Sept 27-28

[UPDATE: 9/14]

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