Digital Signage and Beyond

24 07 2011

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The more and more digital we go, the more we have to mimic what we used to do with paper. One of those things is signing documents. This week our gets Neil Willis is here to talk to us about Digital Signage, and how it’s used in the market today.


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Neil Willis, Founder and CEO of Cynergi Systems and CQ Media Networks, gained his technology experience from the military, medical field, and education market. Mr. Willis’ history as a USAF intelligence engineer has prepared him to lead Cynergi’s team of technically minded staff which enabled Cynergi to grow and develop a sister company, CQ Media Networks, which provides custom software for the healthcare and education market. He is a proud father of two sons and enjoys South Carolina Gamecock athletic events.

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An Inside Look at the Interactive Arena: Using Technology to Keep Kids Fit

15 07 2011

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This week’s guest is Keith Camhi, founder of Great Play. Great Play’s innovative curriculum that helps children develop motor skills, sport skills, fitness and coordination is like no other in the industry, but that’s only half the story. It’s supported by cutting-edge technology that also has no equal – the Interactive Arena™. Every day, half-a-dozen computers that control eight projectors, a directional sound system and more than a dozen sensing cameras bring 3,000 square feet of space to life at every Great Play.

Keith has been a longtime leader in the fitness industry and is the founder of FitLinxx Inc., a leading provider of technology for coaching and monitoring exercise programs. He holds a BS from Cornell University and an MS in engineering and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Keith and his wife Jyl combined their passion for fitness and athletics with more than 25 years of experience in the fitness and technology industry to open Great Play in Stamford, CT in 2006.

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Bitcoins: Nothing Inherently Bad

11 07 2011

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Have you heard of Bitcoins yet? If not, listen to our episode with Jerry Brito as he explains what this virtual currency is, how it can be used, and what the future holds for them.


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Jerry Brito is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, and director of its Technology Policy Program. He also serves as adjunct professor of law at George Mason University. His research focuses on technology and telecommunications policy, government transparency and accountability, and the regulatory process.

Brito received his J.D. from George Mason University School of Law and his B.A. in political science from Florida International University. Brito is the creator of, an alternative interface to the federal government’s regulatory docketing system, and the co-creator of the accountability web site Stimulus Watch.

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Startups, Incubators and Accelerator Tech Programs

7 07 2011

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The world of Startups can be a very exciting and rewarding place, but yet very stressful at the same time. Everything moves at such a fast pace. It’s hard for us normal people to get a grasp on how things work. Join us as Aaron Harris gives us a inside look at the inner workings of this intriguing world.

The Y Combinator Space

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Before Tutorspree, Aaron spent a year at Compass Advisors – a boutique investment bank in NYC – and three years at Bridgewater Associates, a hedge fund based in Westport, CT. At Bridgewater, Aaron was the COO of a group of thirty analysts where he was also responsible for product design for internal technology.

Aaron left Bridgewater this past March to work in technology, and he and Josh began working on Tutorspree soon thereafter. Aaron’s non-Tutorspree activities include heading up Partnerships for the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry’s Young Leadership Committee and trying to make it up the hill in Central Park one more time on his bike.

Aaron graduated Cum Laude from Harvard in 2006 with a degree in History and Literature.

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Digital Forensics and Electronic Discovery

3 07 2011

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Digital Forensics and Electronic Discovery are maturing fields, and and more more companies are finding they need to operate in them as a normal course of doing business. Unfortunately, too many corporations find themselves introduced to these topics when an urgent need arises. A better understanding of them prior to an emergency state can help your organization better prepare to face the technological and legal hurdles that will inevitably present themselves. This week’s show we have Thomas Quinlan to explain this maturing field to us.

digital forensics

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Thomas J. Quinlan has 13 years professional experience with technology, with extensive experience in network and application security, electronic discovery, and digital forensics. He has held positions at several technology companies, in charge of network and application security for some of the internet’s largest on-line applications, as well as leadership of large scale eDiscovery projects, and digital forensic investigations . He is certified in Computer Security (CISSP), Computer Forensics (EnCE), as well as Malware Reverse Engineering (GREM). He also serves as a member of the Editorial Advisory Panel for Linux Journal.

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