June 28- Week In Review

29 06 2009

We hope you all enjoyed the show with Julie Germany. For more information about the guest, please visit www.idpi.org.

Now, for the Week In Review:

  • A New Way To Spread The Word- NY Times-[JUMP]
  • Twitter Spam Spreads Worms- PC World– [JUMP]
  • Rural Areas Need Fast Broadband- BBC News- [JUMP]
  • High Altitude Wind Machines Could Power NY City- Wired- [JUMP]

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June 28 – Tweets from the streets of Iran & Other

29 06 2009

Listen to Julie and Tom cover a hot topic – how Twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube and other viewer created content brought the Iranian elections and resulting demonstrations to the US even if the major networks would not. Julie tells us about this and more on how technology is affecting democracy, increasing transparency and how people can become better citizen journalists. Reach out to her on the IPDI website at www.ipdi.org and on Twitter, @JulieG.

We also found that the viewer created content channel, Current – http://www.current.com, is covering the elections as well as, if not better than the larger networks.

Along with our Week in Review, Gabe Goldberg dropped back by to keep the scary out of your PC. Face your PC head on with links to boil down the babble and put your computer in its place.

Gabe’s Golden Links to keep your PC from being scary:
O’Reilly – www.oreilly.com
WhatIs – www.whatis.com (note:skip sponsored links for user contents)
Wikipedia – www.wikipedia.com
SmartComputing – www.SmartComputing.com

You can find more from Gabe on www.tiplet.com

Keep your RSS reader pointed to our feeds for blog posts to hear about upcoming shows and to our shows as they are posted. Tune in next week for more Cloud Computing and the Green House comparison Tom told you about at the end of the show.

We look forward to having Julie back and commend her for all her hard work.

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June 28- Computers Tick for Politics

25 06 2009

Julie Germany stops by this week to tell us about “Pro-Democratic Movements, New Media, Old Media, and Technology”. Julie is the director of the Institute of Politics, Democracy & the Internet at George Washington University who last came on the show to discuss the Web Tactics of Presidential Candidates. She studied at both Harvard and in Edinburgh, Scotland. Julie is also know for her contributions to a multitude of books as author, co-author or editor (See below).

Gabe Goldberg also comes back to remind us that PCs are not really scary.

The show airs Sundays at 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm MST in Phoenix, AZ on KFNX 1100.

If you would like to hear the show, but aren’t in the greater Phoenix area, click on the link to hear the live stream of the show. ——>[JUMP]

More about Julie:
She is the principal author and editor of several publications, including Constituent Relationship Management for State Legislators, Best Practices for Political Advertising Online, Constituent Relationship Management: The New Little Black Book of Politics, and Person-to-Person-to-Person. She co-authored Putting Online Influentials to Work for Your Campaign, and she has authored chapters in Voting in America and Rebooting America.

Julie has appeared in national and international newspapers, magazines, and media, including MSNBC, C-SPAN, Fox News, CBS, and NBC. In 2008, Julie was honored as a Rising Star by Campaigns and Elections’ Politics Magazine. Julie previously served as the deputy director of IPDI. She worked as a writer, editor and program manager for international initiatives in Korea, Ukraine, Haiti and the United States. Julie is a founding board member of Young Champions, a non-profit that addresses youth health issues, and a founder of Mobile Monday DC, the local chapter of an international community of mobile technology experts and enthusiasts.

June 21- Week In Review

22 06 2009

K.C. Blake gave us a very interesting show on “3D Transitions into the Living Room“. It was a good break from evil economy news to talk about a cool developing home technology. Sign up on the right of the page to get shows in your inbox or favorite RSS reader.

Now, for the stories of the Week In Review:

  • MySpace Set To Lay Off 400 Workers- NYTimes- [JUMP]
  • Sirius XM Phone App Coming This Week, Say Customer Support- Engadget- [JUMP]
  • Legit Websites Face Malware Hits- BBC News- [JUMP]
  • Cowboys Stadium Technology Will Give Fans a Sensory Experience-Star Telegraph-[JUMP]
  • Bus Rapid Transit- Can It Make It in NYC?- WNYC-[JUMP]

Thanks for stopping by, and join us again this Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm MST with our guest Julie Germany.

June 21- The Future is Another Dimension

18 06 2009

This week our guest, K.C. Blake, will join the host Tom D’Auria on the topic of “3D Transitioning to the Living Room”. With the expertise of K.C. of 3D visual accessories, it is sure to be an informative and interesting show.

K.C. Blake is the Director of Business Development at Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California. Prior to joing the ETC, KC worked in content development both as a supervising sound developer on numerous feature films, and as the producer of the animated DVD series Junior Giants.

On the show this week, we will also have guest reporter, Gabe Goldberg, to tell us about how “PC’s Are Not Scary”. Don’t miss it!

The show will air live Sunday at 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm MST.

If you are around a computer, but not a radio at this time…listen to the show by clicking on this link —–>[Click Here]

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June 14- Week In Review

15 06 2009

We missed Larry due to scheduling confusion and appreciate Tony Bradley stepping in at the last minute to discuss unified communications with us. Tony Bradley is the Director of Security for Evangelyze Communications (http://www.evangelyze.net) and author of the upcoming Unified Communications for Dummies book.

[UPDATE 6/15: Tony’s interview from this week’s show is ready for DOWNLOAD. Sign up on the right of the page to get shows in your inbox or favorite RSS reader. We will post the show in its entirety, including the extended Week In Review, later in the week.]

Now here are the stories from our Week In Review this past week:

  • Tech Me Out to the Ball Game: Touring the Giants’ Home Turf- Wired-[JUMP]
  • Revenue’s at Craigslist is Said To Top $100 Million-NY Times-[JUMP]
  • Can Apple Beat the Too-Expensive Rap?-CNN News-[JUMP]
  • Dell Selling Downloadable Microsoft Software-CNET-[JUMP]
  • Reports Find One in Four NYC Subway System Pay Phones Don’t Work-NY Daily News-[JUMP]

That’s it for this weeks Week In Review.

And as promised, below is the complete list of the most used products on the market:


A/V Receivers: Integra

CD Players: Integra

Preamp/Processors: Integra


DVD Players: Sony

DVDRs: DirecTV

Flat Panel TVs: Sony

Front Projection TV’s: Runco

Rear Projection Tv’s: Mitsubishi

Projection Screens: Stewart Filmscreens

Satellite Dishes: DirecTV

Scalers/Video Processors: Runco

Home Control:

IR Distribution: Xantech

Lighting Control: Lutron

Remote Controls: Universal Remote Control

Shade Control: Lutron

Telephone Systems: Panasonic

Whole-House Automation: Creston

Home Enhancements:

Audio Treatments: Acoustic Innovation

Intercoms: On-Q, Panasonic

Outdoor A/V: Sunbright TV

Central Vaccumn: Beam

HVAC: Creston

Power Conditioners: Panamax

Racks: Middle Atlantic

Security: GE

Structured Wire: On-Q

Computer Networking:

Broadband Modems: Cisco/Linksys

Computers: Dell

Media Services: Kaleidescape

Software Tools: D Tools


A/V Wire/Cable: Liberty

Lift/Mounts: Chief

Furniture: Salamander

Seating: Cinema Tech/Fortress

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June 14- The Latest with Larry

11 06 2009

This week, our guest, Larry O’Connor, will be telling us about “Getting the Most Out of Your Computer Resources”. This show will include: what are the best upgrades that can be done with a smaller budget, what are the best investments from a long term stand point, and how to keep up to date with technology. It will be very informative and urge you to listen.

Larry is the CEO of OWC or Other World Computers. Under the leadership of O’Conner, OWC has become a leader of quality computer upgrade products, and services for computer users around the world.

Don’t forget, the show airs on Sundays at 6 pm EDT/3pm MST.

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June 7- Week In Review

8 06 2009

Due to technical difficulties, we were not able to record the show with Tony Bradley – but he will be on soon to tell you about a component of your economic tech woes.

Here are the stories that would have been featured in our Week In Review this week:

  • Contractors Vie for Plum Work, Hacking for US-NY Times- [JUMP]
  • Put All Your Reward Cards On Your iPhone with CardStar- Consumerist- [JUMP]
  • U.S. Military Turns to Twitter for Afghan Hard News- Wired- [JUMP]
  • IBM Delivers New System z Software Capabilities to Reduce IT Costs- PR News- [JUMP]
  • Internet Week Brings Entrepreneurs, Venture Capatalists and Optimists to Otherwise Glum Financial Capital- CNN News- [JUMP]

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May 31- Week In Review

1 06 2009

Ken Dwight gave us a great show – available now – about computer viruses and what you need to know to prevent them. Ken also suggested Trend Micro House Call as a way to diagnose your PC over the Internet. Don’t forget that you can stream the shows LIVE at Sundays at 6 pm EDT.

Now for the Week In Reviews:

  • NetLogic Microsystems Exhibits Reference Platforms At Interop Conference-Trading News- [JUMP]
  • IT Automation Technology Dominates Vegas Conferences-Computer World-[JUMP]
  • Cisco Puts Collaboration In Motion- Tech News-[JUMP]
  • It’s Open Sesame: New Buses Feature Exit Sensors to Unclog Back Door Bottlenecks- NY Daily News- [JUMP]

Also, check out Ken’s Book: Bug-Free Computing: Stop Viruses, Squash Worms, and Smash Trojan Horses

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