Hybrid Clouds: The Practical Solution

10 05 2015

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As enterprises consider the use of cloud computing as an adjunct to or a replacement for their own IT infrastructure, it is important to really understand what cloud computing really is, what it is not and who is responsible for addressing performance and reliability issues when they arise. Evaluating this type of move requires a number of different types of expertise. Some of these will be discussed during the show. Another consideration is what enterprises should do with their data centers now that some or all of the workloads have moved elsewhere.

Daniel Kusnetzky, Analyst and Founder of Kusnetzky Group LLC, is responsible for research, publications, and operations. Mr. Kusnetzky has been involved with information technology since the late 1970s.

Before founding Kusnetzky Group LLC, Mr. Kusnetzky held the positions of VP of Research Services at The 451 Group, Executive VP of Corporate and Marketing Strategy at Open-Xchange, VP of System Software Research at International Data Corporation, and Intel/UNIX business manager at Digital Equipment Corporation. This allows him to understand the entire product life cycle of hardware, software and professional services.

Week In Review

  1. Witness Wins The Disrupt NY 2015 Hackathon Grand Prize, Picorico And MoolahMe Are Runners Up
  2. New York City’s newest rock stars: the IT boys
  3. With custom videos, Post sells New York nostalgia
  4. Extra life: Nintendo reverses fortune, turns profit
  5. Foursquare finally relents: Mayorships are coming back in Swarm

The Internet of Things

3 05 2015

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June Severino Feldman is responsible for all marketing and PR efforts at Intelligent Product Solutions, a full service high-tech product design and development company. She began her life of tech in the digital graphic arts field, selling and implementing systems for remote image development collaboration/asset management, largely to fashion and cosmetics firms. June is an instrumental musician and singer, an avid cook, a beach lover and a die-hard New Yorker.

Week In Review

  1. Rebit launches Targeted Remittances for its Customers!
  2. New York exceeds California in startup funding applications: Report
  3. Revolar, the Worlds Smartest Personal Safety Device, Enables Greater Personal Freedom
  4. Alibaba Was the Mystery Investor in Jet.com, the Startup Amazon Competitor
  5. Apple, IBM to bring iPads to 5 million Japanese seniors

Trends in Educational Technology Today

19 04 2015

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Andrew Grefig is Director of Curriculum and Content for Teq. Mr. Grefig is an experienced educator, and professional development expert. At Teq, Mr. Grefig has served as Curriculum and Professional Development Mentor, Senior Instructional Technologist, and Training Specialist.. Before joining Teq, he was Science Deptartment Coordinator for the Eagle Academy of Young Men. He holds a Master of Science for Teachers.

Week In Review

  1. Drivers don’t get the message: Texting-while-driving tickets soar
  2. Microsoft Replaces Lync With Skype For Business
  3. Virtual reality enhances the big screen at Tribeca Film Festival
  4. This week’s $1B-plus startup IPO that’s not Etsy
  5. HarperCollins and Amazon in Multiyear Publishing Deal
  6. Twitter unveiled New Homepage to attract New Visitors

International Auto Show 2015

12 04 2015

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Week In Review

  1. Innovative Apps Improve Commutes for Millions of New Yorkers
  2. Mentoring programs see girls, economically disadvantaged student get head start in STEM careers
  3. A homeless man learned to code and became famous
  4. NY starts taking online applications for crime victims’ aid
  5. Chevy halts Volt build to avoid glut, prep for new model

The Future of Cars

1 03 2015

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After six years in the magazine business, Joe made the jump to web publishing in 1995. He joined the Cars.com launch team in 1997. Joe currently serves as Executive Editor for the site. He focuses on cutting through marketing claims and technobabble to determine what really matters to car buyers. His first car was a 1971 Oldsmobile Delta 88 whose 455-cubic-inch engine first awoke the car nut in him.

Week In Review

  1. Cyberattack hits NYC mayor’s office
  2. Cuomo administration begins large-scale email purges
  3. Amazon Two-Hour Deliveries Come to Prime Members in Brooklyn
  4. NY Assembly enters digital age to replace stacks of paper
  5. Google Invents an AI System That Plays Video Games on Its Own

Home Automation

15 02 2015

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Recent reports predict that the home automation industry will be worth more than $45 billion by 2016, which is not surprising if you saw the items from Iris, Wink, Nest and Lyric that were front-and-center in stores and commercials this past holiday shopping season. But since these connected devices depend on residential Wi-Fi/broadband, service providers are typically first in line to be blamed if something goes wrong for their subscribers – even if it’s an unrelated equipment issue, app problem or simple user error.

While the traffic impact of these devices isn’t drastic, they do add increasing complexity to home networks as well as introduce a whole new level of importance to subscribers (e.g., heat in winter, locking doors, security cameras, etc.). As a result, many operators are faced with one of two options: they can either let subscribers go the DIY approach with the devices listed above, or take control with their own smart home services (as in the case of Comcast’s Xfinity Home solution). But in both cases, without the ability to see inside the home gateway, there is a limit to how much troubleshooting these service providers are actually able to do… potentially opening the door to customer dissatisfaction and churn.

Stephane Bourque, founder and CEO of Incognito Software Systems, has provisioned 110 million subscriber devices worldwide and is here to provide insight into the ramifications of home automation that consumer electronic manufacturers, service providers and end-users should take note of.

Stephane Bourque is the technological inspiration behind Incognito Software Systems’ provisioning solutions. As CEO, Stephane has built an elite team of dedicated engineers and championed Incognito’s development of high performance, multi-platform IP service enablement solutions. Originally from Montreal, Canada, and educated at Concordia University, Stephane applied his computer engineering background at Banyan Systems to design enterprise network management systems for Fortune 1000 companies like Bell Canada.

Week In Review

  1. Police union leader demands Google disable cop-locating Waze app
  2. Smartphone Theft Down in SF, NY, London as ‘Kill Switches’ Spread
  3. Facebook ‘Legacy Contact’ Will Manage Your Account When You Die
  4. Microsoft fixes a serious 15-year-old bug
  5. Dell Delivers Education-Focused Chromebook 11 For Accident-Prone Students

Controlling Your Email

8 02 2015

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Overwhelmed by email? Worried about what’s buried in your inbox? Certified Professional Organizer Susan Kousek of Balanced Spaces will share organizing and time management techniques for handling your email, plus some great shortcuts in Outlook 2010 that will save you time.

Susan Kousek is a Certified Professional Organizer and the owner of Balanced Spaces in in the Washington DC metropolitan area. She’s an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizer, and currently serves on the national board as secretary.

Since 1990, she has helped thousands of people learn how to become better organized. She works with busy professionals in their offices helping them set up systems to stay organized, and teaches seminars and workshops on organizing and time management.

She’s been a software trainer, teaching classes in Outlook 1997 through Outlook 2010, and currently offers a seminar called “Control Your Email.”

Week In Review

  1. City College starts program to promote women in tech
  2. An App Called Happy Offers Discounts for Drinkers
  3. Twitter Says Apple Mobile Software Bug Caused It to Lose Millions of Users
  4. Anthem hack: what you need to do to protect yourself
  5. Apple Is Talking to TV Programmers About Its Own Web TV Service


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