The Social Data Revolution

12 03 2017

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Andreas Weigend is an expert on the future of big data, trends in consumer behavior, and social-mobile technologies, the combination of which he calls the social data revolution. He is the former chief scientist of Amazon, where he helped create a culture of data, experimentation, and innovation. He currently teaches at the University of California–Berkeley and at Fudan in Shanghai. He is the founder and director of the Social Data Lab. Clients include Hyatt, Alibaba, MasterCard, and Lufthansa. He received his PhD in physics from Stanford and lives in San Francisco, Shanghai, and on

Week In Review

  1. Mapping Tool Helps New York City Prepare for Upcoming L-Line Closure
  2. The New York Times is going to start running its reporters’ tweets inside the newspaper
  3. Nintendo Switch sales numbers for its opening weekend look pretty terrific
  4. Volkswagen unveils driverless ‘lounge on wheels’ car with Siri-like voice assistant and giant screen
  5. Google Home is particularly vulnerable to fake news



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