Do you CES what we CES?

7 01 2011
I am staying here!!

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Each year the technology industry makes a pilgrimage to the desert.  The International Consumer Electronics Show is [insert a “doesn’t get any bigger than this”] metaphor.  Tom is on the floor as I type …or he is on a plane …I don’t handle that …anyway, Tom is at CES as far as you are concerned.

So, what are you going to do while I put together a great CES show?  Listen to a new Week in Review and and an encore presentation of our Contingency Planning & Management 2010 coverage. Find out more and get Week In Review links on the SHOW PAGE.

What’s coming up on TechTalk?
Jan 16 – ‘Overloaded Inbox? Try the cloud.’ with Brian Curry

Jan 23 – ‘Buying Technology at the Sweet Spot’ with Gabe Goldberg


Always have a contingency

16 12 2010
aerial view from Empire State Building West to...

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Our conference coverage continues this week when we air Tom’s visit to the 2010 Contingency Planning and Management EAST show at NYC’s Javits Center.  Commissioner Bruno from the NYC OEM and Amy Herman took time to speak with Tom at the early November event.  Find out more about their work and other guest on the SHOW PAGE.

We are still taking suggestions and feedback for 2011.  What topics are important to you?  What topics can we dive into that are still alien to you?  We pride ourselves in devoting 3/4 of our show to in depth interviews with guests.  While most news outlets bring you tech appetizers, we cover a topic from soup to nuts.

Next week, we are going to close the year with our FLASH conference coverage.  We have a contingency if that doesn’t work out… like related news to keep you busy while we try to find that audio file…

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We’ll never tell…

10 12 2010

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Ok, we will tell.  2010 brought some great guests to TechTalk.  So many, we have some great conference coverage from the last couple of months bring the year to a close.

This week, we are excited to bring you a new Week In Review followed by our coverage of this year’s INTEROP NYC. Check out the SHOW PAGE for more info.

As for the rest of the year, we will air coverage from Contingency Planning and Management 2010 East, Federal Alliance of Safe Homes (or FLASH) and start 2011 the same way we started 2010 – with our NY Government Technology Forum coverage from the Brooklyn Marriott.

That’s all we can tell you for now.  We don’t want to spoil the surprise.

We’ll be on Sunday at 5pm EST and 3pm MST on 1100 KFNX.  Click the logo on the right of the page to visit KFNX and try out the live stream so you are ready to go.

Glass Houses – Seeing Inside Your Data

14 10 2010


New drives for notebooks roll off of factory lines

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We have a great live show on deck this week!  Phillip Rodokanakis joins Tom to scare the heck out of you just in time for Halloween.  We are talking Digital Forensics this week.  What kind of data can be recovered? Encrypted hard drives, deleted browsing history along with the piles and piles of information your smart phone and iPad is racking up on you.  To find out more, check out the SHOW PAGE.

So, people in glass houses should be careful what they do on a computer, but they should also have conferences.  And there is no better glass house than New York City’s Javits Center – the home of Interop New York 2010.   Along with coverage from the floor and sessions next week, we are also excited to have the show’s general manager Lenny Heymann call in to kick the conference off live on TechTalk!  Lenny will give an overview of the event and details about keynote speakers, sessions and some of the many exhibitors at this year’s event.

Along with the Interop Kick Off, our Week in Review has unicorn meat from the Wall Street Journal about a Verizon-ready iPhone, how your NYC subway ride is about to get more annoying and we’ll tell you all about a former water storage tank that was turned into a data center if we have the time. For the link to listen and the spot where the podcast will drop, head over to this week’s SHOW PAGE.

Cloud Coverage 2009

31 12 2009 Welcome to the first IMI TechTalk with Tom D’Auria for 2010. Producer, Eric Johnson fills in for Tom who will be back next week.

We start this year with a topic that really gained ground and started to take form in 2009 – Cloud Computing. We look back at two shows – our Aug 9 show with Amy Wohl and our July 12 show with Shelly Palmer. Two great guests and two great shows to start off another great year.

Be sure to visit to listen or download these shows or any of our others from 2009 – including more on Cloud Computing.

We are glad to have you back and look forward to having you again next week. Don’t forget to go to for info on these shows and much more. Thanks for stopping by.

There will not be a Week in Review post on Monday, but we will resume our regular schedule next week with a show update on Thursday. Happy 2010!

November 1- Business Continuity and Remote Access

29 10 2009

This week, our guest, Sunil Cherian, stops by to talk about the importance of “Business Continuity and Remote Access”.  He is also talking about business continuity’s importance in our country’s economic status in today’s society.

Mr. Cherian brings over 15 years experience in networking to his position as VP of Product Marketing at Array Networks. A member of the founding team at Array, Cherian has served as Sr. Director of Product Management, and Director of Engineering at Array.

Let’s put it this way, with the combination a mustache that serious and it being Halloween, it’s got to be a good show… so don’t miss it.  The show will air this Sunday, November 1, 2009 @ 3 pm MST/ 5 pm EST/ 4 pm CST on KFNX- 1100- Phoenix or you can stream it live from this link.

Also, don’t forget that the time DOES change this Saturday at Midnight.  

Happy Halloween and thank you for all of your support!