May 30- Multitasking: Good or Bad

27 05 2010

This week Johanna Rothman stops by to discuss problems with Multitasking in a Work Environment. Some think this is the only way to stay up to date in a work force but she begs to differ. Johanna speaks, writes and consults on high technology product development. She helps works forces of all types apply pragmatic approaches to the task at hand, and ultimately allows the project to get to done quickly and more efficient.

The show will air this Sunday, May 30, 2010 @ 6 pm EDT | 3 pm MST. You can listen to the show if you are in the greater Phoenix area on KFNX-1100 or can stream it live from anywhere by clicking on this link.
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May 23- Week In Review

26 05 2010

This week’s show is the “Evolving Sales of the Tech Channel” featuring Sam Liu [DOWNLOAD/LISTEN]. Sam is the Vice President of Marketing for Partnerpedia. The show will be available for download shortly.

Here are the stories featured in the Week In Review portion of the show:
  • Sacramento Mayor Launches ‘Green Initiatives’- Sacbee– [JUMP]
  • SAIL Announces Investment In Power Plant Efficiency Technology- Market Watch- [JUMP]
  • Wii Kindle Will Dominate Race for Technology Supremacy, or Will It Be Done By Apple’s Own?- Signature 9- [JUMP]
  • Japanese Woos World Cup With High Tech- The Independent- [JUMP]
  • Nuke Plant Near NYC Likely To Survive State Ruling- Google News- [JUMP]
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May 23- "The Evolving Sales Process for the Tech Channel"

21 05 2010

This week, Sam Liu stops by to discuss “The Evolving Sales Process for the Tech Channel”. This will cover the trends that are being set in the sales industry, how the economy is affecting tech sales, and how new technologies can better the sales of today. Sam is currently the Vice President of Marketing for Partnership Media, and has 15 years experience in dealing with enterprise and early stage technology competition sales.Sam Liu of Partnership Media

The show will air this Sunday, May 23, 2010 @ 6 pm EDT | 3 pm MST on KFNX-1100 Phoenix, or can be streamed live at the same time above from this link.
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May 17 – No new show this week

16 05 2010

We will be back at our regular time next week with a new show. Our guest had a last second trip, so we will air a previous show at 6pm EDT | 3pm MST on

We’ll be back on Thursday with details about next week’s show.

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May 9 – Technologies for Critical Incident Preparedness (TCIP)

9 05 2010
[LISTEN/DOWNLOAD] to our coverage of the TCIP 2010 in Philadelphia which includes live interviews with vendors and presenters from the show. Tom’s live interviews from the floor follow a very special Week In Review.


  • International Association of Firefighters – [JUMP]
  • National Tactical Officers Association – [JUMP]
  • Chain Bridge Technologies – [JUMP]
  • Expect Software (Intelligence Based Incident Management System) – [JUMP]
  • Dennis Rubin – Fire Chief – District of Columbia – [JUMP]
Week In Review
  • History of Mother’s Day – [ JUMP ]
  • Times Square Response – [ JUMP ]
  • Oil Spill Cleanup Tech – [ JUMP ]
  • AZ Immigration Debate – [ JUMP ]
  • Census Technologies – [ JUMP ]

May 2- Week In Review

4 05 2010

This Sunday, Tony Bradley stopped by to discuss “Net Neutrality and the Future of Broadband”. He discussed what net neutrality is, where broadband is headed, and how it will affect our future lives. [DOWNLOAD/LISTEN]

Here are the stories feature in the Week In Review portion of the show:
  • AT&T Posts Fast Facts about iPad 3G Plan- Engadget– [JUMP]
  • Apple May Extend iPhone Voice Search With Siri Acquisition- Ars Technia– [JUMP]
  • Green Tech Innovations Is Moving Faster Than People’s Imaginations- Green Click- [JUMP]
  • Athletic Republic Names Panasonic as Official Technology Partner- Sports Techy– [JUMP]
  • Mayor Bloomberg Floats New York City Wind Plan, NAGP Responds With Advanced Wind Energy Technology- Market Wire- [JUMP]
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