Are robots taking our jobs?

14 05 2017

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Bruce Yandle is an economist, writer and speaker on political economy. He is Mercatus Center Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Economics at George Mason University and Dean Emeritus of Clemson University’s College of Business & Behavioral Science. He is author/editor of 17 books, including his 2014 co-authored Cato Institute book, Bootleggers and Baptists: How Economic Forces and Moral Persuasion Interact to Shape Regulatory Politics.

Dr. Yandle served in Washington on two occasions, first as a senior economist on the staff of the President’s Council on Wage and Price Stability during the Ford and Carter administrations and later as Executive Director of the Federal Trade Commission in the Reagan Administration. Prior to entering an academic career, Dr. Yandle was in the industrial machinery business for 15 years.

Week In Review

  1. New York may be first to legalize “TEXTALYZER”
  2. New York Online Poker Bill Passes Senate Finance Committee
  3. Huge Trove of Confidential Medical Records Discovered on Unsecured Server Accessible to Anyone
  4. Replacing VR and AR with ‘mixed reality’ is good for Microsoft and bad for the rest of us
  5. Waymo lawsuit against Uber referred to federal prosecutors



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