Social Media Networks & Opposition Politics in Egypt – Feb 6, 2011

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Roosevelt University Lobby

Image by alykat via Flickr

As events progressed in Egypt, we could not help but see parallels in how the events were unfolding to the Iran protests in 2009 – a tweet and online video at a time.  So, we called Julie Germany from IPDI to ask her thoughts.  She introduced up to David Faris who teaches political science at Roosevelt University in Chicago.  He studies the intersection of social media and opposition politics in Egypt.  As you will see from the articles below, David has highlighted this subject since 2008.

David joins Tom this week to explore how technology is helping people have a voice.  Reading a story in a newspaper can make news seems almost fictional – or at least easy to skim over and move to the funny papers.  However, it is against human nature to ignore cries for help.  The Internet – particularly social networking services – provides the opportunity reach and influence like nothing before it.  David will help us understand how events like the April 6th movement and other opposition groups have leveraged a loose network of like minded people into a unified protest for change.

A sampling of David’s work online:

Week In Review

  • Super Bowl XLV Preview (coverage from Dan D’Auria)
  • Egypt’s Business Impact on NY & NJ
  • NYC’s First Digital Officer
  • Meritage Energy Saving Homes
  • Tips to help kids avoid computer burnout
  • NYC PAL Event with Police Commissioner Kelly

Stories that didn’t make it into the segment but worth a read:


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