Apple WWDC 2014

15 06 2014

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Its that time of the year again, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference. So we’ve brought back Tony Bradley to discuss upcoming changes to iOS and OS X.

Tony is a principal analyst with Bradley Strategy Group. He is a consultant, speaker, and prolific writer with a focus on technology from a business perspective. Tony has established a reputation for being able to translate “tech speak” into plain English, and for helping customers navigate trends in technology. He has been a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) for more than a decade, and he has been recognized by Microsoft as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for seven consecutive years.

Week In Review

  1. Some NYC Neighborhoods are Still Waiting for Verizon FiOS
  2. Tech startup to help bars prevent underage drinking during summer’s ‘100 Deadliest Days’
  3. Google buys Skybox for $500 million. The deal could be about more than maps.
  4. Recycling initiative called Urban Hubs blooms in Bushwick
  5. Twitter nabs top honors in security, privacy audit



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6 02 2015
Talking about Apple WWDC news with Tom D'Auria

[…] This is a bit of a blast from the past at this point. This is a recording of the IMI-TechTalk radio show from June 5 of 2014. […]

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